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June 2024

More Workers Finding Reasons to Stay in Their Jobs, a Shift from the Great Resignation
Outlet: Yahoo!Finance  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Employee Benefits, Talent Retention

UT Austin Changes Course to Require In-Person Work
Outlet: Insider Higher Ed   |  Spokesperson: Chris Nickson  |  Topic: Return to Office (RTO), Talent Retention


May 2024

How to Pay off Debt and Save for Retirement Amid Sticky Inflation
Outlet: Yahoo!Finance's Wealth  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Retirement Savings Crisis, Investment Consulting

Weight-Loss Drug Studies Complicate Employers’ Coverage Choices
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  |  Spokesperson: Louis Zollo  |  Topic: Weight Loss Drugs, GLP-1s, Pharmacy Benefits

Is an Onsite Health Clinic Right for Your Company?
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Sadhna Paralkar  |  Topic: Health Clinics, Health Benefits

6 Steps to Re-Engage a Disconnected Workforce and Promote Careers
Outlet: Forbes  |  Spokesperson: Allison Vaillancourt  |  Topic: Employee Engagement, Workforce Retention


April 2024

PLANSPONSOR 2024 HSA Conference: Offering an HDHP
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Leonard Spangher  |  Topic: Health Benefits, HDHPs, HSAs

How the Presidential Election Could Impact Renewable Energy Investing
Outlet: Pensions & Investments  |  Spokesperson: Jingle Huang  |  Topic: Inflation Reduction Act, Renewable Investing

Employers Admit They're Breaking the Law When Hiring People
Outlet: Newsweek  |  Spokesperson: Allison Vaillancourt  |  Topic: Hiring Managers, Job Interview Best Practices

Multigenerational Workforce Sharpens Employer Focus on Care Benefits
Outlet: WorldatWork's Workspan Daily  |  Spokesperson: Gage Stille  |  Topic: Caregiver Benefits

Investment Consultants Are Bigger — and More Influential — Than Ever Before
Outlet: Institutional Investor  |  Spokesperson: Segal Marco Advisors  |  Topic: Investment Consulting, Award Winner

7 Best First Jobs That Come With Retirement Benefits
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Pensions, Retirement Benefits

Wegovy, Ozempic Cost a Pretty Penny. Many Employers Don't Want to Pay
Outlet: USA Today  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Pincay  |  Topic: Weight Loss Drugs, GLP-1s, Drug Formulary



March 2024

Guide to Pension Governance and Oversight Best Practices
Outlet: NCPERS Blog  |  Spokesperson: Julian Regan  |  Topic: Governance, Public Pensions

Diabetes Program Endorsed for State: Weight-Loss Drugs Part of Discussion
Outlet: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette  |  Spokesperson: Sadhna Paralkar  |  Topic: Diabetes Management, Weight Loss Benefits

'Nearing Exhaustion': Top strategists warn that weaker consumer spending could cause U.S. stocks to run out of steam
Outlet: Business Insider  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Financial Markets, Investment Management



February 2024

Global Passive Equity Funds' Assets Eclipsed Active in 2023 for First Time
Outlet: Reuters  |  Spokesperson: Geoff Strotman  |  Topic: Financial Markets, Equities, Investment Management

Corporate Governance VP Shares Concerns Over Current DEI Regressions
Outlet: Forbes Talks  |  Spokesperson: Maureen O'Brien  |  Topic: ESG Trends

What to Know About SECURE 2.0 in 2024
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Julia Zuckerman  |  Topic: SECURE 2.0

Employers Expect to Invest More in Mental Health in 2024
Outlet: WorldatWork's Workspan Daily  |  Spokesperson: Sarah Gunderson  |  Topic: Mental Health Benefits, Wellbeing Benefits

What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Retiring
Outlet: Kiplinger  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Retirement Planning, Retirement Benefits for Women


January 2024

Seniors Set to Earn $4,873 Payments in Less Than Two Weeks
Outlet: Newsweek  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: COLA Benefits

Employers Should Consider Long-Term Effects Before Dropping Benefits
Outlet: WorldatWork's Workspan Daily  |  Spokesperson: Eric Miller  |  Topic: Health Benefits

Is a 60/40 Portfolio Appropriate for Retirees?
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report  |  Spokesperson: Peter Sullivan  |  Topic: Retirement Investing

Ford Cuts Lightning Workforce
Outlet: Bloomberg Businessweek Radio  |  Spokesperson: Maureen O'Brien  |  Topic: ESG Survey Trends

December 2023

The Next Big Thing in Retirement Benefits Might be the Oldest: a Traditional Pension
Outlet: Reuters  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Unfreezing Pensions, Retirement Planning

Three Ways to Use AI in Employee Benefits
Outlet: IFEBP Blog  |  Spokesperson: Susan Goldenson  |  Topic: AI in Benefits

November 2023

Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative Seeks More Diversity on Corporate Boards
Outlet: Chicago Defender Spokesperson: Rosa Limas  |  Topic: Board Diversity, Corporate Board Recruitment

IBM to End 401(k) Match, Offering a Hybrid Plan
Outlet: CNBC  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: 401(k) Plans, Pension Plans, Retirement Plans

Rethinking Onboarding as Employees Return to the Office
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Donnelly  |  Topic: Hybrid Onboarding

Weight-Loss Drug Rivalry Entices Employers to Mull Plan Coverage
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Pincay  |  Topic: Weight Loss Drugs, Pharmacy Plans, Health Benefits

The Top 50 Government Consultants and Leaders of 2023
Outlet: The Consulting Report  |  Spokesperson: Andrew Sherman  |  Topic: Public Sector Employee Benefit Consulting

Bring Back Corporate Pension Plans. Seriously.
Outlet: Wall Street Journal  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Pension Plans, Retirement Security, Retirement Benefits

Navigating Independence: The Evolving Landscape of Financial Advising with David Pappalardo
Outlet: RIA Collective  |  Spokesperson: David Pappalardo  |  Topic: Financial Advisors

October 2023

Cybercrime is a Major Threat to Businesses Across Industries
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Jay Preall  |  Topic: Cybersecurity, Cyberattack Response Plan

Health Inflation Pushes Employers to Pass on Costs to Workers
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  |  Spokesperson: Eric Miller  |  Topic: Health Plan Costs

September 2023

How Plan Sponsors Are Working to Close the Gender Savings Gap
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Gender Equity in Benefits

Supporting Digital Nomads as the Great Resignation Comes to an End
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Christopher Nickson  |  Topic: Remote Work Policies

What Is a Deferred Compensation Plan? Pros, Cons and Advice
OutletU.S. News & World Report  Spokesperson: Jarred Wilson  |  Topic: Deferred Compensation Plans, Retirement Strategy

How to Not Overwhelm Participants During Open Enrollment
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Benefits Communication, Open Enrollment Best Practices

August 2023

Weighing the Benefits of Ozempic and Wegovy in Health Plans
Outlet: Employee Benefit News  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Pincay  |  Topic: Weight Loss Drugs, GLP-1s

How to Get a 401(k) Match for Your Student Loan Payment
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report  |  Spokesperson: Bennett Hadley  |  Topic: 401(k) Matches, Student Loan Payments

The U.S. Retirement System is Broken and Needs to be Put Back Together Differently
Outlet: MarketWatch  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Retirement Planning, Pensions, 401(k) Plans

How Businesses Are Bracing for Higher Health Care Costs
Outlet: Inc.  |  Spokesperson: Eric Miller  |  Topic: Health Costs, Health Benefits

Multi-Employer Pensions Take Conservative Path with Federal Aid
Outlet: FundFire  |  Spokesperson: David Brenner  |  Topic: Multiemployer Pension Plans, SFA

Grandparent Leave and 4 Job Perks That Make It Worth Putting Off Retirement
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Candice Pokk  |  Topic: Benefits for Older Workers, Recruiting Seniors

July 2023

Sue Crotty Drive to Close/Ford Cuts Electric F-150 Truck Prices
Outlet: BloombergBusinessWeek Radio  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Financial Markets

Cassandra Roth of Segal Benz: 5 Essential Elements for Creating a Successful Employee Onboarding Experience
Outlet: Authority Magazine  |  Spokespersons: Cassandra Roth  |  Topic: Onboarding New Hires, Employee Retention

What is an HSA?
Outlet: USA Today  |  Spokesperson: Kathryn Bakich  |  Topic: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Compliance

Equip Managers to Help Employees Navigate Mental Health Benefits
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Caroline Lowry  |  Topic: Mental Health Benefits, Manager Training

PTO Donation: Workers are calling out bosses who 'guilt' staff into donating their vacation time to sick colleagues
Outlet: Fortune  |  Spokespersons: Christopher Goldsmith  |  Topic: PTO Donations, Paid Leave Options

5 Tips for Closing Benefits Communication Gaps
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Open Enrollment, Benefit Communications

Experts: How To Convert Retirement Savings Into a Pension
Outlet: NASDAQ  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Retirement Accounts, Financial Wellness


June 2023

Remote Work Associated with Rise in Substance Use Disorder
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Sarah Gunderson  |  Topic: Mental Health Benefits, Substance Use Disorder

Segal Introduces Subscription Service for Effective Cybersecurity Risk Management
Outlet: MSP Today  |  Spokesperson: Michael Stoyanovich  |  Topic: Cybersecurity Risk and Solutions

Should Gen Z Be Thinking About Retirement Yet?
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Retirement Benefits, Communicating Benefits


May 2023

Experts: How To Save More in Your Employer’s Retirement Plan
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Retirement, Financial Wellness

ESG in Retirement Plans
Outlet: Benefits Magazine  |  Spokespersons: Julian Regan, Maureen O'Brien  |  Topic: ESG, Investing

The Top 25 Human Capital Consultants and Leaders of 2023
Outlet: The Consulting Report  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Top HR Consultants, Ranking of Human Capital Consultants

France Raises Retirement Age: Is the U.S. Next?
Outlet: The Street's Retirement Daily  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: Retirement Age, Social Security, Retirement Planning


April 2023

The Infrastructure Law Problem Only Human Resources Can Solve (5 Ways of Addressing the Labor Shortage to Recruit & Retain Staff)
Outlet: Construction Business Owner  |  Spokesperson: Steve Lewis  |  Topic: Recruit Staff, Retain Talent, Architecture Engineering and Construction

4 Reasons for a Retirement Hardship Withdrawal
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Retirement, 401(k) Withdrawals

HR In The Boardroom: Candice Pokk of Segal on Why and How HR Should Help Drive Company Decisions
Outlet: Authority Magazine  |  Spokesperson: Candice Pokk  |  Topic: HR Leadership, Organizational Strategy


March 2023

Investors Search for Answers After Powell's Testimony
Outlet: Bloomberg Businessweek Radio  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Inflation, Financial Markets, The Fed

Columbia Starts to Hone in on Updated Pay Structure for Staff After Roughly Yearlong Study
Outlet: Columbia Daily Tribune  |  Spokesperson: TL Cox  |  Topic: Compensation Benefits

Employer Health Plans Encouraged to Continue Free Covid Tests
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  |  Spokesperson: Jason Jossie  |  Topic: Health Plans

What is the Special Financial Assistance Program?
Outlet: CIO  |  Spokespersons: Seth Almaliah, Susan Boyle, Jason Russell  |  Topic: Multiemployer Pension Plans, SFA, Pension Investing

How Plan Sponsors Can Best Communicate With Participants
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Benefit Communications, Employee Benefits Engagement

Is Telehealth Really Saving Money for Employers?
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Sadhna Paralkar  |  Topic: Telehealth, Mental Health Benefits, Medical Benefits

Why Are So Many Moms Out of Work?
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Childcare Benefits, Women in the Workforce

DCIIA Honors Leaders, Rising Stars in DEI Awards
Outlet: Pensions & Investments  |  Spokesperson: Diane McNally  |  Topic: DEI, Award Honor


February 2023

In Case of Emergency
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Bennett Hadley  |  Topic: Emergency Savings Accounts, Financial Wellness

The Hidden Costs of Chronic Understaffing
Outlet: FastCompany  |  Spokesperson: Candice Pokk  |  Topic: Finding Qualified Workers, Labor Shortage

Expanded Income Driven Repayment Program's Effect on Company Benefits Packages
Outlet: WorldatWork  |  Spokesperson: Bennett Hadley  |  Topic: Loan Repayment Benefits, Financial Wellness

How Employers Are Managing Compensation Challenges in 2023
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Linda VanDeventer  |  Topic: Pay Transparency, Salary Strategy, Compensation

Employers Look to End of Covid Emergency for Benefit Adjustments
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  |  Spokesperson: Kathy Bakich  |  Topic: Health Plans, Pandemic Benefits

How To Cope With Layoff Survivor Syndrome — And How Employers Can Help
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Scott Nostaja  |  Topic: Post-Layoffs, Employee Morale, Employee Productivity


January 2023

Best Practices for Re-Engaging Former Employees
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Boomerang Employees

Key Actuarial Changes for Public Pension Plans in 2023
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Todd Tauzer  |  Topic: Actuarial Standards

Microaggressions are Derailing DEI Movements
Outlet: Employee Benefit News  |  Spokesperson: Kevin Carrington  |  Topic: DE&I, Workplace Diversity

Public and Private Markets in the Year Ahead
Outlet: Asset TV  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Financial Markets, Inflation

Best Practices and Strategies to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity, with Fred Hencke
Outlet: HCI Podcast  |  Spokesperson: Fred Hencke  |  Topic: Employee Engagement, Staff Morale, Employee Productivity, Workforce Burnout

5 Employee Benefits That Weren’t Offered 20 Years Ago
Outlet: Yahoo! News  |  Spokespersons: Tami Simon, Chris Goldsmith  |  Topic: Financial Wellness, PTO Benefits

4-Day Workweeks, Remote Work and More: Workplace Predictions for 2023
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: HR Trends

How to Get the Best Cyber-Insurance Deal
Outlet: InformationWeek  |  Spokesperson: Mark Dobrow  |  Topic: Cyberinsurance


December 2022

Managing Rising Health Benefits Costs for 2023
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Flick  |  Topic: Health Costs

We Live in the Era of Salary Transparency
Outlet: Insider |  Spokesperson: Linda Vandeventer  |  Topic: Pay Transparency, Compensation


November 2022

Economy Not as Bad as Previous Financial Crises, Experts Say
Outlet: Pensions & Investments  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Markets, Economic Outlook

Here’s an Insider Look at How Bosses Can Win Loyalty from Employees and Help a Business Succeed
Outlet: MarketWatch |  Spokesperson: Scott Nostaja  |  Topic: Recruitment, Retention, Leadership

Biden Appoints New Members to PBGC Advisory Committee
Outlet: CIO  |  Spokesperson: Joe LoCicero  |  Topic: Multiemployer Presidential Appointment


October 2022

Health Care Costs on the Rise
Outlet: Bloomberg  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Flick  |  Topic: Health Costs

Your Guide to Open Enrollment 2022 Employee Benefits
Outlet: Kiplinger  |  Spokesperson: Ed Kaplan  |  Topic: Health Costs

How Pension Plans Evolved Out of the Great Financial Crisis
Outlet: CIO  |  Spokesperson: Todd Tauzer  |  Topic: Public Sector, Retirement

Inflation is Near a Four-Decade High. So Why Aren't Health Care Costs Significantly Higher?
Outlet: USA Today  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Flick  |  Topic: Health Costs

Who Is More Productive: Remote or Onsite Employees?
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Donnelly  |  Topic: Employee Engagement, Remote Work


September 2022

Big Deal
Outlet: Fortune  |  Spokesperson: Eileen Flick  |  Topic: Health Costs

Key Player
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Rick Reed  |  Topic: Sponsor-Adviser Relationships, Retirement

Excellence in Benefits Awards - for Addressing Substance Use Disorders
Outlet: Employee Benefits News  |  Spokesperson: Elena Lynett  |  Topic: Mental Health Support

What Is A High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)?
Outlet: Forbes  |  Spokesperson: Ed Kaplan  |  Topic: Health Plan Costs, HDHPs

3 Reasons To Consider Borrowing From Your 401(k)
Outlet: MSN  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: Retirement, 401(k)


August 2022

The Blurring Line Between Human Resources and Public Relations
Outlet: Time  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Benefits Planning

Considering Multiple QDIAs
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: John Hume  |  Topic: Target Date Funds

Brookfield, Carlyle Among Recent High-Profile Leadership Changes
Outlet: Pension & Investments  |  Spokesperson: Geoff Strotman  |  Topic: Succession Planning

What Will Happen With Health Costs in 2023
Outlet: Kiplinger  |  Spokesperson: Ed Kaplan  |  Topic: Health Costs

Open Enrollment for 2023 Reflects a Changing Benefits Landscape
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Benz  |  Topic: Open Enrollment

Actuarial Firms Back Redo of $115 Million Pension Bill Decision
Outlet: Bloomberg Law  Spokesperson: Company  |  Topic: Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Don’t Call It a Comeback: Plan Sponsors Could Thaw Frozen Defined Benefit Plans
Outlet: CIO  Spokesperson: Michael Marks  |  Topic: Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Defined Benefit Plans May Have New Life
Outlet: PlanSponsor  Spokesperson: Michael Marks  |  Topic: Defined Benefit Pension Plans


July 2022

Communicating on ESG to 401(k) Plan Participants
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Megan Yost  |  Topic: 401(k) and ESG Communications

Higher Ed’s Hiring Woes
Outlet: Inside Higher Ed  |  Spokesperson: Allison Vaillancourt  |  Topic: Higher Ed Hiring

U.S. Employers Offering Travel Money for Abortions
Outlet: Voice of America TV  |  Spokesperson: Kathryn Bakich  |  Topic: Roe Overturned

Segal Marco Acquires Milliman's San Francisco Investment Consulting Practice
Outlet: Pensions & Investments  |  Spokesperson: Company  |  Topic: Milliman Acquisition

What Is a Defined Benefit Plan?
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price  |  Topic: DB Pension Plans

Will Companies Help Their Employees Get Abortions?
Outlet: New York Times  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Roe Overturned


June 2022

Roe v. Wade Is No More. What Businesses Need to Know About Covering Abortions
Outlet: Inc.  |  Spokesperson: Kathryn Bakich  |  Topic: Roe Overturned

Disney Says It Will Cover Employee Travel Costs for Abortions
Outlet: Washington Post  |  Spokesperson: Kathryn Bakich  |  Topic: Roe Overturned

Inclusivity and Flexibility: Top Remote-Friendly Companies for LGBTQ+ Workers
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Kevin Carrington  |  Topic: DEI

What Is Paid Time Off to Volunteer?
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report  |  Spokesperson: Chris Goldsmith  |  Topic: PTO

Why Employers Need To Look Beyond Skills To Land The Perfect Employee
Outlet: Forbes  |  Spokesperson: Scott Nostaja  |  Topic: Hire for Personality

Paid Time Off: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use All Your PTO
Outlet: Fox Business News  Spokesperson: Chris Goldsmith  |  Topic: PTO

Segal Acquires Michigan’s Union Services Agency
OutletInsurance Journal  Spokesperson: Company  |  Topic: USA Acquisition

Segal Purchases Union Services Agency
Outlet: Middle Market  |  Spokesperson: David Blumenstein  |  Topic: USA Acquisition

PBGC Soon to Release New Final Rule on Special Financial Assistance for Multiemployer Plans
Outlet: CIO  |  Spokesperson: Seth Almaliah, John DeMairo  |  Topic: SFA

Location, Location, Location: The State of Geographic Pay Differentials
Outlet: Workspan  |  Spokesperson: Linda VanDeventer  |  Topic: Comp

Multiemployer Plans Await Final Rule on Investing Rescue Money
Outlet: FundFire  |  Spokesperson: David Brenner  |  Topic: SFA


May 2022

Allison Vaillancourt of Segal on How to Hire the Right Person
Outlet: Authority Magazine  |  Spokesperson: Allison Vaillancourt  |  Topic: Recruiting

Family Building Programs: An Inclusive Health Benefits Strategy
Outlet: Benefits Quarterly  |  Spokesperson: Joanna Balogh-Reynolds  |  Topic: Fertility Benefits

Multiemployer Plans Await Final PBGC Aid Rules
Outlet: Pensions & Investments  |  Spokesperson: David Brenner  |  Topic: SFA

A Life Cycle of Benefits
Outlet: PlanSponsor  |  Spokesperson: Jonathan Price / Client  |  Topic: Pension Case Study

The Disappearing Job Candidate
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Benz, Jennifer Donnelly  |  Topic: Ghosting Candidates

The Risks and Rewards of Substance-Misuse Benefits
Outlet: SHRM  Spokesperson: Lisa Bertola, Sarah Gunderson  |  Topic: Mental Health

Higher Rates, Sinking Stocks to Dampen Pension Bond Issuance
OutletBond Buyer  Spokesperson: Todd Tauzer  |  Topic: POBs

Segal Marco Advisors Honored to be Named a Greenwich Quality Leader for the Fourth Consecutive Year
Outlet: BenefitsLink  |  Spokesperson: John DeMairo  |  Topic: Award


April 2022

All Aboard: Getting Adjusted from a Distance
Outlet: WorldatWork's #evolve  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Donnelly  |  Topic: Onboarding

Study Shows Albany's Non-Union Workers are Underpaid
Outlet: Times Union  |  Spokesperson: Patrick Bracken  |  Topic: Comp Study

When Will the Great Resignation End? Experts Weigh In
Outlet: FastCompany  |  Spokesperson: Tami Simon  |  Topic: Great Resignation

Should You Consider Coming Out of Retirement in Today’s Jobseeker’s Market?
Outlet: Yahoo! News  |  Spokesperson: Candice Pokk  |  Topic: Recruiting Retirees


March 2022

Joining a Company Remotely? Here's How to Bond with Your Colleagues
Outlet: CNN  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Benz  |  Topic: Onboarding

Supporting Employees with Caregiving Responsibilities
Outlet: SHRM  |  Spokesperson: Jennifer Benz  |  Topic: Caregiver Benefits

Pensions Forced to Just 'Symbolically' Divest from Russia for Now
Outlet: FundFire  |  Spokesperson: Sue Crotty  |  Topic: Ukraine and Russia

Which Sectors Could Outperform In 2022
Outlet: TD Ameritrade Network  |  Spokesperson: David Pappalardo  |  Topic: Investing Strategies

How NYC's Pay Transparency Law Could Have A National Impact—On The Pay Gap And Your Job Search
Outlet: Forbes  |  Spokesperson: Myrna Hellerman  |  Topic: Pay Transparency

Investment Considerations for Inflation Protection
Outlet: PlanSponsor  Spokesperson: Julian Regan  |  Topic: Inflation

Ukraine and Russia: What is HR’s Role?
OutletHR Executive  Spokesperson: Jennifer Benz  |  Topic: Ukraine and Russia

A Red-Hot Job Market Means Our Reputation Could Make or Break Your Next Move
Outlet: Insider  |  Spokesperson: Scott Nostaja  |  Topic: Hiring for Personality

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