Client Stories

Explore how our team has developed innovative approaches to the issues that matter to you.

Insurance, Multiemployer Plans
How Much Fiduciary Liability Insurance Do I Need?

Read how we helped a new multiemployer health fund arrive at the right amount of coverage.

Organizational Effectiveness, Mergers Acquisitions, Built Environment
M&A Readiness Keeps Your M&A Integration Plan On Track

Even if you're already in the midst of your merger or acquisition, our M&A readiness assessment can still identify and solve key challenges.

Technology, Organizational Effectiveness
Process Redesign Keeps Your Organization Working

We’ll help you chart a course to success with our process mapping consulting.

Technology, Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Assessment Tools Keep Your People Focused

Your first step toward improving your organization is knowing what you need to do better.

Clean Up Your Data to Lower Your PBGC Rates

Bad data can cost you more than you think. Learn how we cleaned things up for a client and saved them a bundle.

Managing Data for Defined Benefit Pension Plan Termination

Our journey consulting service helps guarantee that you base some of your most difficult decisions around good data. Read how in this client story.

Organizational Effectiveness
HR Effectiveness Holds It All Together

Improving the operations of your HR department leads to a better, more efficient organization. Let us help.

Organizational Effectiveness
Strategy Execution Helps You Stick the Landing

The best plan in the world won't help your organization if you botch the execution. We'll help you succeed with strategy execution consulting.

Retirement Plan Design — Your Most Important Benefit

You can't expect to have a successful retirement plan without top-notch design. Read on to find out how we can help.

Health Plan Design That Works for Your People and Your Bottom Line

We'll help you with health plan design that works for your people and your bottom line.

Health, Technology
Reduce Healthcare Costs with Analytics

We can help you how to simplify and lower the associated expenses with our holistic, comprehensive healthcare cost reduction service.

Retirement Plan Governance Protects Your People's Future

Our people will help you keep on top of new regulations and best practices to make sure your DC retirement plan remains safe.

Compensation & Careers
Proper Talent Planning Makes Every Day Feel Like a Friday

Attracting the right people to your organization — and keeping them happy — solves more problems than you can imagine.

Compensation & Careers
Effective Performance Management—Helping Your People Be Their Best

Learn how we help organizations become better at getting the most from their people.

Compensation & Careers
How Compensation Structure Gives Your Organization an Edge

Without the proper compensation structure, your organization will bleed money and talent. Here's how we'll help.

Protecting Your Pension Plans From Start to Finish

Your people will depend on their pension plans for decades of retirement living. Make sure you've built a plan that lasts.

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