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Administration and Technology Consulting

Improve service. Increase quality. Work smarter. Reduce risk.

The people you serve expect excellent customer service, including a rapid response to their inquiries and on-demand access to information — which must be accurate. Administrative expenses and related technology costs are rising. Finding and retaining experienced talent is difficult. It’s also tough to stay on top of the latest technology and compliance requirements. Additionally, you need strong, up-to-date defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Whether you perform benefits administration in house or outsource functions to one or more third parties, we can help you improve service, work smarter and reduce risk — like the risk of losing your organization’s confidential, sensitive or proprietary information, as well as the confidential (likely regulated), personal information of the people who trust you to keep it secure.

You can’t afford to have inefficient, outdated or unprotected systems when your people rely on them for their health, retirement and other benefits. You need great technology that works quickly and easily, anywhere and anytime.

Fine-tune, update or completely transform your benefits administration

Our Administration and Technology Consulting (ATC) Practice will collaborate with you to improve your processes, operations, technology and service delivery from the ground up, so you can function efficiently and effectively.

Identify issues

Identify issues

We’ll look at how your processes and operations compare to best practices, review technology against what’s available in the marketplace and measure service delivery against benchmarks. If you work with a third-party administrator (TPA) and/or call-center provider, we’ll evaluate their technology, practices and performance.

We also perform security risk assessments against best practices and regulated standards (e.g., NIST CSF, DOL and HIPAA-HITECH). This comprehensive review will give us a complete picture of needed improvements.

Make recommendations

Make recommendations

For greater efficiency, we may suggest better workflows and process improvements, including how to automate highly manual work processes; creating new policies and procedures; replacing outdated, inflexible technology (software and/or hardware); making changes to organizational structure and establishing performance measurements (including vendor performance guarantees) and how to monitor them.

Implement improvements

Implement improvements

We’ll work closely with you on the improvements from start to finish. We’ll help you find the right complementary systems (including custom websites and apps), software and/or vendors through an extensive and proven selection process that includes an RFP.

We can also help you manage change and build organizational resilience to better respond to process and technology improvements. This can include project management support and vendor implementation oversight and quality assurance.

Provide ongoing support

Provide ongoing support

We’ll continue to look at what we implement to make sure the changes are helping your team deliver on your service promises, whether it is reassessing processes, designing change management strategies, facilitating communication or monitoring progress. We can help coordinate and oversee tasks, resources and stakeholders to ensure projects are completed successfully within scope, budget and schedule. We’ll also look for solutions to new issues as they arise to assist your team in minimizing disruptions and maximizing your organization’s effectiveness.

Your solution, not any solution

In everything we do, we work with you to develop the solution that fits your situation and your specific goals and needs. We can conduct a feasibility study reviewing every aspect of the project or sourcing decision you’re considering, so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

What do you need to do now to ensure the future success of your benefits administration?

Let’s have a conversation about where to begin.

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Our team knows benefits administration and technology inside out

For more than 30 years, our ATC Practice has provided organizations with solutions that help them improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their benefits administration.

ATC professionals are benefits administration, IT and cybersecurity experts who provide trusted, objective advice. Many of them have served in leadership positions at large organizations or technology providers, enabling them to bring firsthand experience to their consulting.

Additionally, they’re knowledgeable on the latest technology, including generative artificial intelligence (AI), and best practices for benefits and HR administration.

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We'll help you make sure your team is ready and resilient — now and in the future

A sustained level of change over time either through long-running, concurrent or serial projects can lead to change fatigue or depletion of resources compromising an organization’s productivity. When introducing change to your organization, it should be a well-thought-out and planned effort. We will perform a readiness assessment, focused on the change you desire to implement. We'll also help your organization both communicate to and prepare staff for those changes.

We’ll identify the skills your team needs to succeed. If there are gaps, we can help with training to get your staff up to speed as well as recruiting and onboarding new team members.

We also do salary studies that provide valuable information when recruiting or, if turnover is high, seeking to determine why.

Organizational resilience goes beyond traditional change management. We can help you build an organization that is stronger and able to adapt to global dynamic changes, ensuring your team stays strong and productive moving forward.

At-a-glance summary of our administration and technology consulting services


  • Operational reviews/employee experience assessments
  • Process reengineering and best practices
  • TPA searches and implementation
  • Contact center assessments
  • TPA oversight
  • Third-party performance monitoring
  • Third-party cybersecurity risk management, including third-party data breach probability analysis
  • AI consulting services


  • IT assessment and strategic planning
  • Benefit administration solution assessments
  • RFPs and procurement
  • Implementation oversight and quality assurance
  • General cyber-risk assessments
  • Segal Cyber Advisor, a tiered subscription advisory service
  • AI consulting services

Human Resources

  • Organizational change management
  • Staffing reviews
  • Salary studies
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Succession planning
  • Employee benefits/HR experience assessments
  • Human resources-related training
  • Cybersecurity testing and training (including phishing testing and training)
  • Change readiness assessments and management
  • vCISO (through the Segal Cyber Advisor service)
  • AI consulting services


  • Outsourcing and insourcing decision-making criteria
  • Feasibility studies
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity and incident response planning
  • Tabletop exercises for planning responses to a cyber attack
  • Cyber liability insurance needs assessment (performed with our Insurance Brokerage Practice)
  • AI consulting services

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