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Compliance Consulting

Helping you control costs and avoid government penalties.

We watch for changes as they're developing.

Understanding new laws and regulations affecting your benefit plans can help you be strategic in using those developments to improve participant lives, control benefit costs and avoid unexpected fines and penalties.

Our health, retirement and compliance professionals understand the laws and regulations governing your benefit plans.  We can prepare strategic assessments for you on how these rules will affect your benefit plans today and in the future.

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Our compliance experts watch for changes coming from Congress and government agencies that regulate your plans, stay close to every development and help you understand how the changes will affect your benefit plans, giving you more time to focus on your work and your people.

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Your solution, not any solution.

In everything we do, we work with you to develop the solution that fits your situation and your specific goals and needs.

Drafting and writing

Drafting and writing

From plan documents and summary plan descriptions to notices, enrollment information and policies and procedures, when we draft new documents for you, we’ll make certain that they satisfy the legal requirements and meet the needs of your organization.

Reviewing and implementing

Reviewing and implementing

The laws that govern benefit plans are frequently updated and revised. We’ll review all of your plan documents and communications to make sure that they reflect current plan operations and compliance requirements.

Preparing and training

Preparing and training

Our compliance team will help get you ready for government audits, perform HIPAA assessments and conduct trainings on applicable federal and state law.

Understanding and implementing

Understanding and implementing

We’ll also help you navigate all of the rules that affect your plan. From the ACA to paid leave laws and from break-in-service rules to funding notices, we provide straightforward guidance on what’s happening, when and why.

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We stay close to the law.

Compliance is fundamental to Segal’s work.

Our compliance experts have written multiple books and articles about compliance issues and serve on the advisory boards of a range of employee benefit publications.

With our dedicated team, you’ll have access to experts who can:

  • Help you understand the IRS, DOL and HHS rules that govern your plan and how your plan complies with them
  • Confirm that plan procedures correspond to what the plan document provides
  • Offer a refresher course and reference guide for benefit plan staff

Our team can conduct various reviews to help you stay compliant. These include COVID-19 reviews, MHPAEA reviews and reporting and disclosure reviews. We can also create compliance checklists for your team to follow.

Our CrosscheckSM service is a comprehensive review of plan administration compliance that includes a detailed analysis of a plan’s daily operations and administrative practices as well as a thorough review of plan documentation.

Under the direction of legal counsel, Segal’s compliance specialists work with you to review all aspects of plan operations that can affect compliance as well as confirm that plan procedures correspond to what the plan provides and the law requires.

If you're facing an audit, we can help you. Contact us whenever a question arises about an issue that could affect your plan.

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