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Compensation and Career Strategies

Your organization’s success is linked to your people.  Plan for their success and yours.

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Grow your organization. Grow your people.

We collaborate with public sector employers, corporations and partnerships as well as colleges, universities and nonprofits to create innovative yet practical compensation and career strategies.

Our solutions transform organizations into successful talent magnets that attract, engage, deploy, retain and equitably reward their people. 

Become a talent magnet

To become a talent magnet that attracts, engages and retains the best people, your organization must:

  • Invest strategically to ensure pay levels, structures, policies and practices are internally equitable and externally competitive.
  • Be a top performer that has highly engaged people.
  • Create an environment where people are empowered and enabled to succeed.
  • Offer rewards that stand out from among the competition and are relevant and compelling to key talent segments.
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Building your strategy

Strategy, design, governance

Strategy, design, governance

Together, we’ll create a fact-based, implementable, technologically enabled, affordable and compliant compensation program.

Career architecture

Career architecture

We’ll build a transparent structure that shows your people how their careers will progress by meeting specific requirements.

Performance alignment

Performance alignment

Our success-focused approach aligns individual performance and career opportunities with your organization’s goals.

Focusing on more than just pay

Focusing on more than just pay

We’ll help you shape your organization’s unique rewards of work, both nonfinancial and financial.

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Compensation and career strategies: how Segal helped.

Here are just a few examples of how we've helped our clients.

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How Compensation Structure Gives Your Organization an Edge

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Providing a unique approach

Over the years we’ve created and implemented innovative compensation and career strategies to address a broad spectrum of employer needs, including: 

  • Compensation program design and delivery structures and processes
  • Career architecture and career pathways
  • Job design, evaluation and classification systems
  • Competitive assessments, audits, and redesign of Rewards of Work offerings
  • Definition of the Employee Value Proposition
  • Competitive pay level and delivery vehicle assessments
  • Internal pay equity/disparate impact studies
  • Financial and non-financial incentives and rewards
  • Executive and Leadership rewards and governance
  • Performance alignment systems and processes
  • Change management and communication
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Every organization’s culture and path to success is different. We never come to you with a pre-established solution.

We listen to you and your people, gather and analyze relevant data and then develop solutions that uniquely fit. 

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