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Mergers and Acquisitions

The strategies you need to turn a big deal into a big win.

We’ll help you plan, execute and assess.

A merger or acquisition isn’t just an event — it’s a process requiring careful planning and management every step of the way, including well before your first conversation with any organization.

Our experienced professionals start with the question, “How ready are you and your company to start down this M&A path?” Then we'll advise you on how to best navigate the transition. We’ll also provide you a framework to help you analyze the effectiveness of your transformed organization, so you know exactly what areas to work on in the future.

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How we set you up for success

Assess your readiness

Assess your readiness

When it comes to M&A, we don't like surprises and neither should you. Our team will analyze every aspect of your organization to make sure its ready for the transaction.

Lead with confidence

Lead with confidence

We'll make sure your team has the latest insight and strategies from our M&A playbook at their fingertips. Our experience is your advantage. 

Build a new team

Build a new team

Mergers mean more than just new business cards. We'll help you create a new workplace culture that will help your organization reach new heights.

Keep you on target

Keep you on target

A lot can change during an M&A, but our dedication to your success will remain steadfast. Our team will advise you on how to adapt to changing conditions so that the merger or acquisition still makes sense.

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A focus beyond the financials

Your organization may already have an M&A playbook in place, but chances are it concentrates on the raw numbers of a deal above all else. While the financials always have to make sense, we’ve seen plenty of mergers and acquisitions turn sour over a mismatch in cultures, expectations and communication.

That’s why each step of our process views the deal through the lens of people, culture and leadership. Our approach makes these crucial parts of the deal the priority they deserve to be.

Aspects of the deal where we help you include:

  • Assessing your organization’s M&A readiness to approach likely candidate companies – We’ve developed self-assessment tools and a framework that starts by determining your primary motivations for the deal. Test your readiness with our online self-assessments — whether your goal is increasing market share or lowering operating costs.
  • Developing a set of targeted action steps to increase the likelihood of a successful deal – Done well, a potential synergy value emerges before any M&A deal begins and points to the best path to achieving accelerated, increased and sustained value.
  • Updating your M&A playbook – We compare your playbook to our proven playbook framework to help you consider all facets of the deal and, more important, the post-deal implementation with potential transition service agreements and target operating model that supports the goals of the deal.
  • Considering how the merged companies should operate initially and through a post-deal period – The strengths and weaknesses of each of the three models – “portfolio” approach (where variations in the two cultures are maintained), “PAC Man” approach (where one company absorbs the other), and blended approach (where the best of both companies come together to create a new culture) – are evaluated in terms of your situation.
  • Building relationship maps to better understand the role of key people in the two organizations and their importance to customers and suppliers – This step helps to uncover potential losses that may disrupt expected short- and long-term revenue.

We also help you understand how a shared services approach may be used to provide a model for integration or even an opportunity to test synergies of the two organizations before closing the deal.

Realize the deal’s full potential

In the excitement of a merger or acquisition, it’s easy to overlook considerations that can negatively impact your organization for years to come.

From pre-deal readiness assessments to post-close synergy realization, our services will help make sure the deal lives up to its potential value.

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