Consulting Services

Consulting services that make a difference.

Benefit Audits
Benefit Audits

Independent, constructive claims audits that make sure your benefit plans are clean and clear.

Benefits Administration
Benefits Administration Consulting

Optimize service, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Benefits Communication
HR and Benefits Communications

Good for you. Good for your people.

Performance And Rewards
Compensation & Career Strategies

Develop effective pay and performance programs, address long-term talent planning, and align your compensation strategy with your strategic goals.

Compliance Consulting
Compliance Consulting

Helping you control costs and avoid government penalties.

G4 Recruitment Strategies
DEI Consulting

We’re working with clients to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at their workplaces.

Financial Well Being
Financial Well-Being

Help your people find the security they need to be more focused workers.

Health & Welfare Benefits
Health Benefits Consulting

Control your costs, improve the well-being of your people, and see better outcomes.

HR & Benefits Technology
HR & Benefits Technology

Get more from your systems, software and technology.

Insurance Brokerage
Commercial Insurance Brokerage Services

Manage the risk that your service or operations creates. Protect yourself, your board, your people and your assets.

Investment Solutions
Investment Solutions

Global investment solutions for retirement and health plans.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions

Our data-driven strategies will help you derive increased value from your organization's next M&A transaction – whether you are buying, selling or merging.

Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness

We support organizations to realize their full potential by enhancing their strategy, culture, talent and processes.

Insurance Brokerage
Property & Casualty Insurance

Protect your facilities, employees and operations. Cover valuable assets and manage risk with property and casualty insurance.

Retirement Benefits
Retirement Consulting

Help your people secure their future while ensuring your retirement plans work for your organization.