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Working with Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Increasing the capabilities of builders across the construction industry. 

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Building the future

The world's population has doubled in the last 50 years and that population growth continues to drive construction.

Both the domestic and global economy need contractors who can design, build, and maintain the horizontal and vertical infrastructure. New technologies, energy efficient mandates and advanced pre-fab manufacturing processes are revolutionizing the industry. 

Despite technological advances, the industry still requires talented engineers, project managers and skilled trades to complete projects.  Attracting and keeping this talent has been the number one challenge for contractors over the last decade. 

Solving the workforce challenge

Like a fourth generation contractor, we've spent the last 80 years helping our clients grow their businesses.

Segal's strengths directly match construction industry challenges with workforce planning and management, talent acquisition and retention, employee benefits and compensation, redesigning incentive compensation plans, and organizational effectiveness.

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Real solutions you can start using now

The industry isn't the same as it was and your company can't remain static.

Our strategies and guidance contain implementation plans so that you can begin making change immediately, with a partner you can trust. 

Our expertise is your business

Our capabilities and strengths include creating solutions that directly address organizational and HR challenges in the construction and built environment industry, such as: 

  • Designing and implementing competitive employee benefit and total reward programs
  • Deploying successful employee engagement and communication campaigns
  • Succession planning, leadership development and performance management
  • Addressing organizational effectiveness
  • Assisting with M&A strategy, due diligence, change management and transition
  • Analyzing technology and infrastructure
  • Cyber security insurance and other risk mitigation

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