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On December 13, 2016, the 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law by President Obama.1 The Act contains a number of provisions in various areas of...

An Important First Step to Managing It All professionals involved with retirement plans, whether they be defined benefit (DB) or defined contribution...

With a new president and full Republican control of Congress, change is in the air and on everyone’s mind. For sponsors of defined contribution (DC)...

A 2014 study by the TIAA-CREF Institute and the Center for State and Local Government Excellence showed that one fifth of all public sector employees...


  • Mar

    “INSURANCE: Assessing Current Coverage and Future Needs and Strategic Litigation and Settlement Considerations” — Brian Smith, Segal Select Insurance, New York

    Audience — In-House and Outside Counsel on ERISA Issues

  • Apr

    “ASB Standards for Pension Actuaries” — Tammy Dixon, Washington, DCKathleen Riley, Boston

    “Multiemployer Composite and Other Risk-Sharing Approaches” — Tammy Dixon, Washington, DC

    “Multiemployer Plan Mergers and Transfers” — Steven M. Rabinowitz, New York Beth Bangert, Washington, DC

    “Dialogue with and Update from the PBGC for Multiemployer Plans” — Eli Greenblum, Washington, DC

    “Multiemployer Solvency Projections” — Eli Greenblum, Washington, DC

    “Current Events in Public Plan Funding Policy” — Paul Angelo, San Francisco

    “Partitions, Suspensions & Applicants Experience” — Harold S. Cooper, Chicago

    “Public Plan DB vs. DC Experiences and Efficiencies” — Rocky Joyner, Atlanta

    “Multiemployer Workshop” — Steven M. Rabinowitz, New York

    Audience — Pension Actuaries

  • May

    “The Sonoma County Experience: Eliminating OPEB Liability while Preserving a Retiree Benefit” — Tom Morrison, Los AngelesMarcia Chadbourne, County of Sonoma, CA

    “Resulting Fiscal Crisis Presents Opportunity for Change: How Alaska is Managing Expenses to Meet Reduced Funding” — Richard Ward, GlendaleMichele Michaud, State of Alaska

    “Rhode Island’s Investigation into Leveraging the State Healthcare Marketplace to Provide Coverage for State Employees” — Andrew Sherman, BostonZachary Sherman, HealthSource Rhode Island

    Audience — Public Sector Benefit Professionals


New York (1/23/17) — David Blumenstein, President and CEO of The Segal Group, has announced the following executive promotions, which...

New York (1/23/17) — Private sector workers enhance their retirement security while the state saves on Medicaid costs. With retirement...