Staying on Top of the Multiemployer Pension Plan Crisis

Congress is still debating what’s next. Segal is working to protect the health of multiemployer plans across the country.

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Protecting Participants’ Data — and the Plan

Managing operational risk in DC plans requires a multifaceted strategy. 

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Understand Pension Plan Risk

Understand Pension Plan Risk

Getting on top of retirement plan risk 
Risk is a fundamental feature of any pension plan. Understanding it isn’t.

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Identify Pension Plan Risk

Identify Pension Plan Risk

Analyzing retirement plan risk
Understand the new actuarial professional standard on pension risk assessments and disclosures.

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Manage Health Care Costs

Manage Health Care Costs

Comparing your plan to the latest projections
Use our 2019 health care cost trend survey to develop and focus your cost management strategies.

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Remain Compliant

Remain Compliant

Staying up to date when regulations change
Get all the latest in compliance news and updates. Stay ahead of the curve.

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Trusted advice that improves your people's lives.

Segal understands the issues facing the multiemployer market better than anyone else. Hundreds of multiemployer plans across North America trust us to help them navigate what can be complex and difficult issues.

Working with us, you’ll receive recommendations and advice that allows you to make decisions in the broader context of what other multiemployer plans are doing: we can empower you to make sound decisions that have a genuine impact the health and financial well-being of your participants.   

Trusted advice that improves your people's lives

Public sector employers and retirement systems are managing through the most challenging fiscal environment in decades.

One particular challenge is maintaining the funds necessary to provide services while still offering a comprehensive rewards package — including retirement benefits — that will attract and retain an effective workforce to deliver those services.

Maintaining this balance requires a savvy approach to health and retirement benefit design and funding. See how we can help.


Staff plans are unique. These plans, which cover union staff and officers, are sometimes designed like traditional multiemployer plans, while other times they are more similar to single-employer (or corporate) plans.

Segal offers expert insight about the spectrum of plan characteristics and features in many types of plans and will work with you to determine the best solutions for your staff plan. Our advice and recommendations allow our clients to make their decisions in the broader context of how other staff plans are designed. In addition, our ability to aggregate data from our client base enables us to assess trends and offer staff plans timely and valued advice on emerging developments.