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Brokerage Services for Property and Casualty Insurance

Protect your facilities, employees and operations. Cover valuable assets and manage risk with property and casualty insurance.

Your facilities and employees are your home base. Protecting them with the right coverage matters.

Whether your organization provides services or operates on job sites, you’ve invested in what you need to operate. Buildings, office equipment, trucks, automobiles and even tools may be part of your assets; if they are damaged or disappear, there may be a substantial cost to replace them. Keeping employees work safe at work matters — especially now that many have remote work arrangements that they expect to continue post-pandemic, either full time or as part of a hybrid model. Protect them with insurance through a broker who understands your commitment to what you do.

Segal works with multiemployer funds, public sector entities, private and not-for-profit organizations, union benefit funds and JATC training centers across North America to provide property and casualty (P&C) policies tailored to the specific needs of these organizations.

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A full suite of property and casualty coverage

Segal provides insurance brokerage services that can help in a range of situations, including when your facilities or offices are the scene of a crime or damaged by a natural or man-made disaster, when purchasing or expanding your business vehicle fleet or when your employees’ personal property is on-site and stolen.

We also offer coverages to help when unforeseen events affect your ability to meet expectations or schedules, such as when a forced closure means loss of income or extra expenses (business-interruption insurance), when equipment — whether owned or leased — breaks down, when events need to be cancelled unexpectedly or when violence affects your workplace.

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Comprehensive, competitive insurance brokerage

Policy reviews that work

Policy reviews that work

We’ll work to find insurance policies with broad coverage and competitive premiums. We won’t stop until we’re certain your insurance policy is the best possible fit for you, your people, and your business or employee benefit plan. 

Full-service application assistance

Full-service application assistance

Our insurance professionals assist with the application process, review schedules of values and insurance, assist with any required documentation, evaluate the carrier’s language for coverage inclusions and exclusions and assess the terms and conditions, looking for any limits and loss qualifiers to save you time and help obtain the right coverage.

Brokerage you can trust

Brokerage you can trust

We’re primarily compensated through commissions paid by insurance carriers. Annually, we disclose in writing the amount of commissions we received during the prior year as a result of working with you on your plan.

Free policy consultations

Free policy consultations

Get a complimentary assessment of your current insurance coverage. We’ll use our comprehensive benchmarking database to tell you how your limits and premiums compare with the market. Don’t pay more than you need to for inadequate coverage.

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