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Retirement Benefits and Financial Security

Secure your people’s finances, now and in the future, with retirement plan consulting that focuses on what matters. 

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What’s in your retirement plan?

Probably the largest portion of any program aimed at enhancing financial security is the retirement plan. 

So working through a challenging fiscal environment, trying to balance costs against providing a plan that attracts and retains a highly effective workforce, isn't easy.

You’re looking after your people, trying to give them the security they need to live happily and healthily in retirement. 

We can help you find what works. From retirement plan design and governance to risk mitigation, investment and fund forecasting, we have you and your people covered.

Questions about financial security and retirement benefits?

Get in touch. We’ll walk you through our retirement consulting.

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Consulting that focuses on what matters



Circumstances change. We’ll monitor the markets, identify global trends, and the regulatory environment and recommend alternatives so you can stay ahead.



Every situation is unique. With us, your retirement plan will reflect yours.



From innovative HR strategies to defined contribution planning and investment changes to mitigating financial risk, we’ll optimize your program to work at its hardest for you and your people.



Comply with every regulation. Keep policies and procedures up to date and reduce operational risk. Administration can slow you down. We have it covered.

Retirement benefits: how Segal helped.

Read real client stories about Segal's retirement consulting.

Client Story

Clean Up Your Data to Lower Your PBGC Rates

Bad data can cost you more than you think. Learn how we cleaned things up for a client and saved them a bundle.

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Managing Data for Defined Benefit Pension Plan Termination

Our journey consulting service helps guarantee that you base some of your most difficult decisions around good data. Read how in this client story.

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Retirement Plan Design — Your Most Important Benefit

You can't expect to have a successful retirement plan without top-notch design. Read on to find out how we can help.

Your plan is unique. We treat it that way.

No two plans are the same. In our consulting, we'll reflect that in the solutions we suggest. To get you where you need to be, we may:

  • Forecast plan funding requirements.
  • Analyze the gap between the current state of the retirement plan and the objectives.
  • Identify available options and explore alternatives for plan funding.
  • Identify industry changes and trends. 
  • Gather essential facts about current plans and member demographics.

Find out more. Secure your people's future. 

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Retirement benefits: our latest insights.

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