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Empowering Your Organization with Intelligent Cybersecurity Solutions

Segal’s cybersecurity service, Cyber Advisor, provides the essential guidance, tools and expertise you need to defend against the most advanced cybersecurity threats.

A proven set of defensive tactics and protocols

From providing regular security updates to assisting you with ongoing regulatory, governance and compliance activities, we stay on top of your cyber risk so you don’t have to — giving you the freedom to focus on the goals of your organization.

Access to industry and cybersecurity experts

With Cyber Advisor at your side, you’ll be working collaboratively with people who have deep knowledge of both benefits administration and cyber risk to execute defensive tactics and prepare you for cybersecurity incidents when they occur.

A manageable cycle of activities at a predictable cost

Work is paced over an extended timeline, with activities typically scheduled in a three-year cycle to make it an easier lift for your people — at a more manageable cost. Plan levels can be easily scaled up or down as your needs change.

See which plan is right for your organization.

Cyber Advisor offers three unique plan levels, each designed to align with your goals, budget, staff and capabilities. Each subscription covers three years, which makes budgeting predictable. Whichever subscription level you select, the work is spread over three years to make it manageable. See our plan comparison chart below.






Annual cybersecurity risk consultation
Cyber liability insurance review
DOL “best practices”-based cybersecurity risk assessment
External network vulnerability scans
Third-party vendor cybersecurity risk management
Cybersecurity awareness training for employees
Review of your cybersecurity policies  
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) cybersecurity risk assessment  
HIPAA Security Rule assessment  
Phishing testing  
Cybersecurity awareness training for key stakeholders  
Cybersecurity policies provided    
Network penetration testing    
Internal network vulnerability scans    
Web application scans    
Cybersecurity incident response “table-top” exercise    


Segal Cyber Advisor allows you to fully customize your subscription! Select an individual service offered from a higher level if it makes sense for your organization and consider these add-on services:

  • Cybersecurity risk training tailored to specific roles in your organization
  • Cybersecurity champion program for non-security volunteers who receive additional training and incentives to represent security on the teams they lead
  • On-demand access to expert research and guidance on cybersecurity risk and remediation activities


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