Participant Communications

Effectively communicating membership and benefits program information is a constant challenge. Regardless of how good a fund's benefits program may be, if participants don't understand their benefits or recognize their worth, they will not see their value and will not use these benefits to their maximum advantage.

At Segal, our national communications professionals partner with our multiemployer clients to develop targeted and effective communications that clearly and consistently promote the value of participant and fund benefit programs.

We understand how to reach people and motivate them to take action. We are experts in developing:

  • Communications strategy
  • Employment and program-specific branding
  • Health, wellness and retirement communications
  • Compensation and performance management communications
  • Personalized communications
  • All types of media production

Communications Services

Segal offers a wide range of services to help multiemployer funds communicate effectively with their participants.


Meet the Team

Our experienced consultants come from both communications and benefit consulting backgrounds and can assist with all of your communications needs.


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