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Our Communications professionals are experienced, dedicated, responsive and creative.

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undefinedSusanne started her career in the advertising industry, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing & Communications from New York University. By the time she came on board as our Production Manager, she had over 15 years in print production, including time in the communications practice of AON, and at Bozell Eskew (a division of the Sawyer Miller Group), where she was their print production manager.

Why Susanne Loves This Business — "I love printing and the end product — ink on paper — is always exciting. I love to be totally immersed in a project. That's why you'll always see me on press to ensure a high-quality end product. In addition, I'm constantly in touch with my vendors to be sure I get the best product. My good relationship with them translates to quality and cost-effective deliverables for my clients."

undefinedKathy has over 25 years of human resources communications and training experience. Before joining Segal, she held a variety of corporate communications and training positions, lead the Communications Practice at The Wyatt Company’s San Francisco office, and launched her own communications consulting firm. She holds a BA in Journalism and an MS in Education, both from Indiana University. Kathy is a frequent speaker at human resources conferences and has won numerous communications awards.

Why Kathy Loves This Business — "I love conducting research to help organizations better understand audience needs and perspectives, then developing communications strategies and messaging to engage, educate and empower those audiences. Whether the topic is benefits, pay, wellness or organizational change, it’s so rewarding to figure out what matters and convey it in the simplest, most compelling way.”

undefinedDan is involved with all aspects of participant communications, from drafting newsletters to updating summary plan descriptions. Before joining the firm, Dan worked as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster where he corresponded with authors and agents, wrote sales materials and jacket copy, and helped shepherd books into production. Dan graduated from Holy Cross with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Why Dan Loves This Business — "Health and welfare benefits are more important than ever, and helping people understand the importance and intricacies of their health coverage or retirement plans means a lot to me. Plus, getting the chance to write about so many different and interesting topics is a thrill. Each day is a new opportunity to make someone's life easier while broadening my own interests."

undefinedElana works with clients on a variety of projects to deliver innovative and high quality communications, including newsletters, Summary Plan Descriptions and benefits websites. Prior to joining the Communications Practice, Elana worked as the Marketing Communications Writer in the Content, Marketing & Sales Support department at The Segal Group, where she wrote and edited content for the company’s website as well as for e-newsletters, webinar and event invitations. She holds a BA in English and History from Emory University.

Why Elana Loves This Business — "Communications consulting is a rewarding business. Not only am I able to put my writing, editing and proofreading skills to work, but I get to help people understand the importance of their benefits in the process. The wide range of projects we work on keeps things interesting and knowing that we’re helping people with a crucial part of their lives makes it all worthwhile."

undefinedIn addition to being a Senior Vice President of the firm, Randy also has the distinction of being the very first employee of Marjorie Gross & Company (MGC), the communications consulting firm acquired by Segal in 2001. Before making the leap into that entrepreneurial environment more than 20 years ago, he was a communications consultant at Buck Consultants and Foster Higgins, for a total of 25-plus years in this business. Randy is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Why Randy Loves This Business — "First, there are the clients: one project is with a Fortune 50 corporation, another with a construction trades multiemployer trust fund, and another with a federal agency that serves employees from park rangers to Supreme Court justices. Then, there are the colleagues: I talk strategy with the VPs, compliance with attorneys, plan design with administrators, soundtrack with video editors. They don't get to live in each other's worlds, but I do. And in each of these worlds, it's my job to ‘get it.' I have to listen to everyone on the team and come up with the messages that make everyone say, ‘That's what I was talking about!' And every time they do, I know I'm in the right business."

undefinedDottie joined the firm as Office Manager. While her background was in travel and administration, our creative atmosphere was evidently catching. Dottie learned the design and production end of our business and is now an integral part of our Design Studio, with layout and desktop publishing responsibilities.

Why Dorothy Loves This Business — "I'm self-motivated, ambitious and love learning new skills. Seeing the quality of our work and the way the people here work as a team made me want to play a bigger role in the creative and professional side of our practice. Not every company lets you go for it, so I really appreciate the opportunities and support I get from everyone here."

Elena Charleston – ConsultantElena joined our practice as a Consultant. Prior to joining our firm, she served as manager of both Proposal Business and Member Communications at First Health, and worked as a freelance writer, producing commercial ads and communications for contracted clients. Elena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Why Elena Loves This Business — "In my position, I get the opportunity to develop communications that simplify the complexities of managed care for those individuals who may not otherwise understand their benefits or their role as health care consumers. Not only do I enjoy what I do, I am able to help others at the same time. How lucky is that?"

undefinedMellissa is involved in various aspects of participant communications, including those for annual enrollment, newsletters and websites. Mellissa graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, and a minor in East Asian Studies.

Why Mellissa Loves This Business — "Every day presents a new set of challenges and opportunities for me to put my creative spirit and logic skills to work. Finding innovative and efficient ways to solve problems has always been my passion and this business allows me limitless opportunities to use these skills. "

Laura Cochran – Senior ConsultantLaura is responsible for writing, editing and producing electronic and print employee communications, conducting focus groups and strategy sessions, preparing communications assessments and presentations and managing projects for clients in Washington, D.C., Boston, Hartford, Atlanta and Phoenix. Prior to joining our firm, Laura worked in graphics and communications at another consulting firm. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Mason University.

Why Laura Loves This Business — "Communications consulting is the sensible way to be creative. It's a perfect outlet for your inner-starving artist while tapping the logical part of your brain at the same time. My daily activities can jump from problem-solving, brainstorming and interpreting legalese, to building relationships and picking out pretty colors to produce visually pleasing communications. That keeps the job from ever being dull, and keeps me in touch with my creative side."

undefinedPenelope works with the Personalized Communications team as a programmer. She received a BS in Computer Science from Lehigh University. Prior to joining Segal she coded print programs and worked production for a printing and mailing company.

Why Penelope Loves This Business — "I enjoy solving logic problems in my spare time and have always had a love of math. Working as a programmer in Personalized Communications allows me to do both those things. The fact that I get to work with and manipulate large sets of data is even better."

undefinedSarah works with clients to help create, manage and deliver employee communications work. She is involved in all aspects of participant communications, including those for annual enrollment, social media campaigns and online platform launch and integration. Sarah graduated cum laude from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management, specializations in Marketing and Strategy and a minor in Information Science.

Why Sarah Loves This Business — "Benefits are complex and don’t sit still. Every day I am able to assist all kinds of people in all kinds of organizations with navigating these dynamic systems, all while continuing to learn myself. The variety of clients and projects allow for continuous and exciting challenges. There are many opportunities for growth in this industry as long as you are willing to approach every project with an open mind, a little creativity and a desire to give people what they need to make the most of their benefits."

Tupper Hillard – Senior ConsultantTupper joined the firm as a Vice President with responsibility for development, design and implementation of communications strategies and initiatives for clients around the country. Prior to joining the firm, he served as Communications Practice Leader and also as Global Communications Leader for Corporate Restructuring and Change (M&A) for Hewitt Associates. Tupper is a graduate of West Point and holds a Master of Science in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Why Tupper Loves This Business — "Helping people to better understand complex situations, whether it's about their healthcare, a merger or some other significant change, makes this business so rewarding. It's more important than ever to keep employees both informed and educated — and when we help an organization reach its people and communicate clearly what's going on, I think we've added a great deal to everyone's ability to be engaged and productive. When we can get organizations to listen to their employees' needs, then we have added to their ability to deliver on what they promise as employers."

Andrew Kaplan – Vice President, Senior Consultant Andrew has nearly 20 years of Employee Benefit and Human Resources communications consulting experience. He works with clients to develop communications strategies, action plans, media and events that help organizations talk with their employees about benefits, compensation and organizational change in a meaningful, understandable and resonant way. Before joining the firm, Andrew's consulting time was spent with Ketchum Communications, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Hewitt. Andrew earned a BA in Psychology from Stony Brook University and an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of New Haven.

Why Andrew Loves This Business — "Every client opportunity is a chance to learn about a culture and its people and, in doing so, to help strengthen the employer/employee relationship through two-way communications. A key part of the learning process is talking directly to employees to understand communications issues from the inside out. By getting inside the heads of employees, I can learn first-hand what's going on in their worlds, from their points of view. That understanding allows for the creation of engaging and relevant communications that change thinking and behavior, rather than communications that simply transfer information."

Shenoor Kara – Personalized Communications ConsultantShenoor joined the firm with more than 19 years of experience in the employee benefits field. Before that, she was an actuary with a world-renowned accounting firm. Shenoor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University.

Why Shenoor Loves This Business — "I love working with people and numbers. This allows me to do both. I get to work with the most amazing clients and feel good that I am providing a service that is so valuable. Planning for a comfortable retirement should be everyone's goal and the fact that I can provide the tools for retirement planning to employees makes me happy."

Pam has over 27 years of benefit communication and consulting experience, with particular expertise in writing technical compliance communications—including Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs). Prior to joining Segal, Pam worked for Aon Hewitt where she wrote for and consulted with large-scale complex clients requiring multiple SPD versions. She also worked with a variety of Aon Hewitt’s outsourcing and active health exchange clients writing benefit-related communications for both print and online delivery. Pam began her career with a large manufacturing organization working in both their Human Resources and Corporate Communications functions. She holds a BA in Journalism, with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing from Marquette University.

Why Pam Loves This Business — "I really enjoy taking complex benefit information and writing it in a way that employees can better understand and therefore make more informed benefit-related decisions. It’s detailed and often times tedious writing, but rewarding when the end result is a well-written piece that helps Plan participants."

Marge Kray - Senior ConsultantMarge began her career in benefit communications more than 25 years ago and joined the firm after working with three other international human resources and benefits consulting organizations. Over the years, she has added to her knowledge by taking on different roles, different projects and different clients. Marge has an MBA in Human Resource Management from DePaul University, an MS in Mathematics, a BS in Psychology and Mathematics from University of Illinois, and is a Fellow of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists.

Why Marge Loves This Business — "I love that this is a dynamic business. I love variety and the fact that human resources and benefits are always changing. It's a constant challenge to develop communications programs that make a difference — change an attitude or behavior — in the crowded world of messages around us. It's a great job to use my training in psychology and math at the same time. There's an elegance to taking a complex idea and making it simple so it can reach people."

Hea-Ream LeeHea-Ream works with clients on personalized communications projects. She holds a BA in English and Biology from Wesleyan University.

Why Hea-Ream Love This Business — “I love that each new project brings a fresh set of challenges and rewards. My job requires me to flex my creative and technical muscles, and I’m excited to be part of a team that provides a service to employees by showing, in a clear and meaningful way, the value of their benefits.”

Lisa Lehr – Personalized Communications ConsultantLisa joined the firm as a Personalized Communications Consultant. Previously, she had more than 12 years of experience in human resources management and health and welfare plan design, compliance and administration. Her 20+ years of experience includes work in both the corporate and insurance provider sectors.

Why Lisa Loves This Business — "Where do I start? Two overriding reasons: First, I love the fact that I've had the opportunity to be on the other side of the fence and experience first-hand the challenges my clients face when it comes to communicating with their employees. Second, has to be the wide range of people I get to work with. There are so many people that play roles in our projects, from the SVP of HR, to the IT department, to the graphic designers and printers. Working with such a diverse group of people means you are always learning something new."

Colleen Magee – ConsultantColleen joined the firm with more than 15 years of experience in the employee and human resources communications fields, working with a large international telecommunications firm; a local electric company; an international chemical company with plants in France that afforded her the chance to use her French-speaking skills; and an international pharmaceutical company—where her career began. Colleen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Delaware and a Publications Specialist certificate from George Washington University. She has won a number of IABC awards for benefits communications.

Why Colleen Loves This Business — "What do you do when you ‘want to help people' in your career, you major in English, but you don't want to teach? For me, benefits communication was the perfect solution. The opportunities to "help" employees by turning legalese into clear language about how their benefits work has never been more gratifying, since benefits are becoming more complex. Oh, and I also manage to have a lot of fun working on a variety of projects and doing everything from writing and graphic design to listening to employees talk about what's important to them. I'm eager to see what the next challenges will be and how I can help. And, I'm still amazed that I'm being paid to write! How many people can say that?"

Joan McGrath – Administrative StaffJoan has been an executive/administrative assistant with the firm for more than 14 years. She performs a wide range of tasks relating to employee benefits, from reviewing and making edits on communications materials to organizing client and internal meetings. In addition, Joan is instrumental in coordinating the financials for several offices.

Why Joan Loves This Business — "As an administrative person, I have a wide range of responsibilities to keep me active. I love the variety and the fact that I help keep things on track. I like working in a field where I'm always learning something new and I get to help others to learn as well."

Jillian Medoff - Senior ConsultantJillian is an award-winning published writer who has worked on all types of participant, corporate and benefits communications throughout her career. Prior to joining Segal, she spent many years at Aon and Deloitte Consulting developing communications initiatives for organizations undergoing large-scale change. She holds an MFA from New York University and a BA from Barnard College/Columbia University.

Why Jillian Loves This Business — "I specialize in rewriting long, dense documents filled with arcane language so that anyone, regardless of their background, can read and understand them. It's complicated work, but also absorbing, interesting and believe it or not endlessly satisfying."

Josh Meyer – Senior ConsultantWhen Josh joined the practice, he had already spent over 15 years as a strategic communications professional, working with labor unions, benefit funds, politicians, grassroots groups, non-profits and other organizations to help them achieve their objectives. Josh has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Masters of Public Policy from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Why Josh Loves This Business — "The issues we deal with are critical to people's lives. By taking complex issues and making them easy to understand, we are arming people with the information they need in the format they want. Empowering people to improve their lives is what drives me. On top of that, we face a never-ending series of challenges — the issues are always changing and we work with a diverse group of organizations and people who have different needs and want their information in different styles — so our job is always new."

undefinedLydia is our Personalized Communications Practice Leader and first joined the firm as a benefits consultant in the Pension Systems Practice, becoming its practice leader a year later. Before that, Lydia had more than 14 years of experience as a corporate benefits manager and benefits consultant. Among her prior employers are a large New Jersey-based bank and two large benefits consulting firms. Lydia has an AB in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA in Human Resources from Indiana University.

Why Lydia Loves This Business — "In a time when we are all overwhelmed with information, I'm excited to deliver a service that helps employees quickly and easily understand the value of the benefits provided to them. Personalized Communications marries the general with the specific, the creative with the technical, to drive home in a powerful way, the client's message to employees. I love the gratification of a finished product that looks great and enhances comprehension of complex material."

Glenn Murray – Personalized Communications ConsultantGlenn joined us as a Personalized Communications Consultant. Prior to joining the firm, Glenn was a consultant for a global HR and benefits consulting firm, where he specialized in retirement and health and welfare plan valuation, design, compliance, administration and communications. Glenn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Concordia University.

Why Glenn Loves This Business — "It's the unique challenges and opportunities involved in each project — not only does it keep the work interesting, but I also get a chance to problem-solve, be creative and learn from other team members."

Erin Naumann - Senior ConsultantErin joined the practice after an internship with the firm's National Sales and Marketing Department. She graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University with a BS in Psychology and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Sigma Nu, Psi Chi and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies. Erin is currently pursuing an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business.

Why Erin Loves This Business — "I love that I learn something new every day. With each experience comes the opportunity to gain more knowledge. It's very fulfilling to know we are not only helping individuals but we are also helping entire entities run more smoothly."

Erin Naumann - Senior ConsultantJennifer has 20+ years of experience in strategic communications planning, content development, and project management and execution. She is also a thought leader on using innovative media to connect with employees. Jennifer is responsible for some of the firm’s largest communications relationships, working with clients across multiple industries, including higher education, technology, defense, communications/media, healthcare, manufacturing, sports, food and hospitality, grocery, and transportation. She holds a BA in Economics from the University of California, Davis. She speaks frequently at conferences and has been recognized with an IABC Gold Quill award for her work..

Why Jennifer Loves This Business — "When my parents tell their friends what I do, they say, ‘Jennifer helps to make employees’ lives better.’” By creating simple, clear information about an organization’s many employee programs, I help their people to navigate their lives and careers. I craft the content that explains why they should consider joining an organization—for example, the work they will do and how they may grow and advance. I show them what goes into their pay—things like base salary, annual increases, and incentive opportunities. I help employees take action on their health—for example, plan their preventive care, get urgent care, find a doctor or surgeon, and compare costs and quality for the treatment they need. I help employees understand how to improve their financial well-being—whether paying off student loans, managing credit card debt, saving for a home, and planning ahead to retirement. It’s different every day, and it’s incredibly rewarding work!"

undefinedDiane joined our practice with 10 years of experience helping organizations develop and execute employee communications strategies. Previously, Diane worked in the corporate arena designing communications strategies for companies in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. She has significant experience in launching open enrollment, compensation, and performance management programs for both global and U.S.-based corporations. She holds a Master's Degree in Corporate and Organizational Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University, a Bachelor of Administration in Business from Caldwell College, and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Why Diane Loves This Business—"I like to solve puzzles—putting all the pieces together to see the big picture. Developing communication plans is like finishing a huge puzzle. I enjoy every aspect of the process from planning and development to delivering the final product. The most rewarding part is that I help employees better understand information that is important to their personal and professional lives."

Ettore Toppi - Associate Communications, Special PracticesEttore has over 15 years of experience in consulting, communications and client services. He has specialized expertise writing a wide variety of communications as well as creating engaging, results-oriented content in print and electronic media. He works with clients to deliver innovative and high quality communications services. Ettore received a BA in Communications from Rowan University and he is a past winner of the IABC New York “Silver Quill” Award as well as the EBC “Best in Show, Employee Newsletters” award.

Why Ettore Loves This Business — "Developing communications solutions for our clients allows me to be endlessly creative while satisfying my need to be socially responsible. I connect people with benefits and programs that have a genuine impact on their lives while finding ways to make this complex information understandable, accessible and fun. It’s what attracted me to the business at the beginning of my career and what brought me back to consulting.”

Diane has been in the administrative end of the Employee Benefit field for practically her entire adult life. She is instrumental to our success and performs many tasks, from keeping us organized to making sure all our administrative functions, including word processing and billing, are running smoothly. Diane attended LaGuardia Community College.

Why Diane Loves This Business — "I love the fact that I'm very much needed as the administrative person to help run the department. I love speaking with clients on the phone and greeting them when they come to our office for meetings. My smiling face is one of the first things they see when they enter our office. Plus, I thrive on working in a fast-paced environment, and there's never a dull moment. I wouldn't have it any other way."

undefinedLinda joined the firm as a Personalized Communications Consultant. Prior to joining the firm, she was a Service Delivery Manager and Benefits Consultant with over 19 years of experience in benefits administration. Linda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida.

Why Linda Loves This Business — "Retirement Planning is more important than ever. As individuals take on more of the responsibility for providing for their futures, it’s a real challenge to make the right decisions so you can retire when and in the style you desire. I find it very rewarding to be a part of a process that provides vital information to individuals on their pension, retiree medical, and annuity benefits, to help them assess where they are in meeting their retirement goals."

undefinedHelen joined the firm as an Application Software Developer in the Pension Systems Practice and moved over to Personalized Communications several years ago. Prior to joining the firm, she worked for a market research firm in New York as a research assistant. Helen holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from City College of the City University of New York and a Bachelor of Science in Material Science from the Textile Institute of Zhen Zhou in China.

Why Helen Loves This Business — "I love the whole process of taking data and creating personalized statements to be presented to individuals. I contribute my experience with pension calculation programming and my analytical skills to make it happen. This is a great place for me to challenge myself."

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