Employee Communications

  • How would you characterize your current organizational climate?
  • How do employees feel about their benefits in general? Are there underlying issues causing concern?
  • How do you measure employee perceptions?

Communication is more than the art and technique of effectively conveying thoughts, information and ideas. It is now the single most important element in helping organizations share their vision and energize their employees to move the organization forward. Why? Because clear, concise and consistent communications not only educate employees, enabling them to appreciate the value of their organizations' programs, they also keep employees focused, informed, motivated, productive and committed.

At Segal, our national communications professionals partner with our clients to create strategic, targeted and effective communications programs to help clients achieve their goals.

Why is Employee Communication Important?

  • Supports a change or modifies a behavior
  • Makes bad news more digestible
  • Reduces the rumor mill
  • Builds loyalty and encourages trust and results in less turnover
  • Improves attendance, engagement and performance
  • Fosters a culture of health and wellness among employees
  • Boosts morale
  • Limits misinformation and questions to HR

We understand how to reach people and motivate them to take action. We are experts in developing:

  • Communications strategy
  • Employment and program-specific branding
  • Health, wellness and retirement communications
  • Compensation and performance management communications
  • Personalized communications
  • All types of media production

Communications Services

Segal offers a wide range of services to help public sector plans communicate effectively with their employees.


Meet the Team

Our experienced consultants come from both communications and benefit consulting backgrounds and can assist with all of your communications needs.


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