Webinars and Events | May 16, 2023

The Power of Culture

Discover how to create a winning organizational culture that drives success.

Our webinar dived deep into a key learning of the post-pandemic era: that culture will continue to dominate employee perspectives on job and career choices, as well as decisions about whether to remain with an employer. Culture is often cited by workers as the single most important factor influencing productivity and performance — even more than compensation.

Happy Businesspeople Working As A Team In A Multicultural Workplace

With this webinar...

You’ll come away with:

  • Critical insights into the internal and external factors defining organizational culture today
  • Thoughtful advice for gaining employee perspectives and attitudes about current cultural dynamics within your organization
  • Culture-building strategies and practical approaches for addressing a range of cultural issues moving forward

Webinar Replay



Jennifer Donnelly, Senior Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness

Rebecca Robb, Associate Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness

Chaz Chapman, Senior Associate, Organizational Effectiveness

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