News and Press | June 8, 2023

Segal Launches Cyber Advisor Subscription Service

Segal, a leading benefits and HR consulting firm, has released an innovative cybersecurity risk subscription service, Segal Cyber Advisor, to help organizations manage and mitigate evolving cybersecurity risk.

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“We're excited to deliver a new solution to address cybersecurity risks, which are a constant concern to business leaders, especially at benefit organizations or other entities that lack a large in-house team of cybersecurity professionals to provide insight,” said Michael Stoyanovich, Vice President and Senior Consultant of Segal’s Administration & Technology Consulting Practice. “After analyzing the gaps that exist in cybersecurity risk management, we developed Segal Cyber Advisor to identify and address the weaknesses within an organization’s cybersecurity risk management practices, including its third-party vendors. Insight into the entire ecosystem is key to addressing potential cybersecurity jeopardy as quickly as possible.”

The core service’s risk assessments guide clients on a cybersecurity remediation path and detailed timeline specialized to each organization. They include recommended protocols to prevent, respond and recover from a cyber incident, as needed. The service also provides phishing testing, network scanning and penetration testing, and includes comprehensive educational offerings for management and staff members at all levels. Cyber Advisor also delivers plans that organizations can follow to better manage the evolving cyber threats on an ongoing basis.

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