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HR is PR: What You Stand for Matters to Your Buyers

More than 50 percent of organizations agree that their stances on social, political or economic issues impact their top line.

That’s what midsize to large employers said during our spring 2022 poll exploring the changing employer-employee social contract. The organizations represent several industries, including private companies, nonprofits, higher education institutions and the public sector.

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We also asked about the changing employer-employee social contract. See what they told us.

Buyers care what you care about

52 percent of organizations polled believe that their position on one or more of the following matters to their buyers, including customers, investors, employees and job candidates:

  • Diversity equity and inclusion (DEI)
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues
  • Social movements
  • Political leanings

Perceived Impact on Buyers

PR is HR!

An organization’s stances on social, political and other issues — its PR — also impacts HR. Whether an organization takes or doesn’t take a position on a particular issue affects how its employees and future job candidates feel about the organization. And could impact whether they want to work for you. We examined this relationship in our recent publication Sustainability Matters for HR.

Want to learn more about how your HR impacts your PR?

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