Reports and Surveys | May 20, 2022

Sustainability Matters for HR

Increasingly, consumers expect organizations to operate responsibly and demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability. Employees have the same expectations of their employers. It’s part of the evolving employer-employee social contract.

Consequently, net-zero carbon emission pledges and green initiatives are becoming part of the employee value proposition. Creating an HR sustainability strategy and a culture that engages employees and helps them make an environmental difference can attract top talent and foster a more productive and committed workforce.

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In this report, we cover why people want to work for organizations that share their values and how more employers are committing to net zero. We discuss in more detail these aspects of HR’s role in engaging employees in sustainability:

  • Develop a vision and strategy
  • Communicate priorities
  • Engage employees at work, at home and in the community
  • Align HR programs with sustainability goals
  • Share resources and report progress

Consider the triple bottom line

The triple bottom line — focusing on people, planet and performance — is a framework for measuring how well an organization is meeting its sustainability goals. The concept assumes an organization’s social and environmental impacts are just as important as its financial performance. The triple bottom line applies a broader perspective to performance and can be an important tool in supporting sustainability goals.

An engaged and socially conscious workforce is more likely to hold organizations accountable for their choices as well as the local and global impact of those choices. Involving workers in sustainability efforts can improve retention, job satisfaction and loyalty by creating authentic ambassadors. By bringing employees along on the journey, both the organization and its employees benefit.

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