Compliance News | February 22, 2021

Compliance Plan for New Transparency Rule & No Surprises Act

This compliance plan represents a summary of the major implementation steps associated with the No Surprises Act and Final Transparency Rule.

The Departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services are required to issue regulations implementing the No Surprises Act by July 2021, and implementing the Independent Dispute Resolution entity requirements by the end of 2021.

Plan sponsors should continue to monitor federal regulatory and sub-regulatory guidance on the
requirements. Plan sponsors should consult with legal counsel as to the applicability of these laws to their plan and its operations.

Segal is available to assist plan sponsors in all aspects of compliance with these requirements.

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What's in the compliance plan?

The compliance plan covers a range of major areas, with space for plan sponsors to assign the: 

  • party responsible for acting on that part of the compliance plan
  • the effective date
  • the actions that need to be taken.

Areas covered

You'll find action items related to:

  • Plan/SPD amendments
  • Participant communications and notices
  • Website reviews
  • Payment methodology modifications
  • Out-of-network payments and independent dispute resolution (IDR)
  • Air ambulance services
  • Service provider contract amendments
  • Information technology
  • Government reporting
  • Financial planning

If you have questions about how to use the compliance plan, just get in touch.

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Senior Woman And Her Daughter Having A Doctors Appointment

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Questions about the compliance plan?

Our compliance team is working closely with plan sponsors on implementing necessary changes from the new transparency rules and No Surprises Act. 

See how we can help. 

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