Archived Insight | March 23, 2020

Managing Your Operations During the COVID-19 Crisis

Right now, in the face of COVID-19, your people have many concerns about what tomorrow will bring. You have similar concerns about how the virus will affect your day-to-day operations and how measures taken by the country will play out over the near future.

In this webinar, our professionals will hopefully calm some of those fears with their advice and insight on how to weather this moment of uncertainty.

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Download the slides from this webinar

Don't have time to watch a video right now? No worries. You can download the slides from this webinar here.

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Still looking for advice? Get the guide for your response plan.

If your questions weren't answered in the webinar (or even if they were), you may want to read our guide covering how to form a coronavirus response plan for your organization. It's an easily-accessible blueprint that walks you through what questions you need to answer in order to keep things running efficiently and effectively. Among the topics covered are:

  • How to identify which of your organization's functions are essential
  • Ways to temporarily suspend essential operations in a way that won't permanently harm your organization's ability to function
  • What questions you need to ask various stakeholders within your organization to assess how prepared you are for the current crisis

Get the guide today, and take a step toward getting a handle on an unprecedented situation.


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