Reports and Surveys | April 14, 2023

AEC Firms: Ensure Your Employee Benefits & DEI Goals Align

The construction industry faces growing demand for labor as new projects and opportunities move along the pipeline in 2023. Offering employee benefits that include elements of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can significantly help attract today’s younger workers, who are a more diverse group than in the past and for whom DEI is a priority.

Does your firm's employee benefit program align with your DEI efforts?

Assess Your Program

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That’s a tough question to answer. To make it easier, we’ve developed a short assessment that in a matter of minutes will characterize your organization’s readiness to optimize its benefits program to attract and retain a diverse workforce. You’ll also receive immediate recommendations on action steps you can take today to begin improving the competitiveness of your benefits within the construction industry. 

Take the assessment now.

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