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The work world is changing, from recruitment, HR and development to the processes and procedures your people use every day. How do you staff your office for the challenges of both today and in the future?

In your organization, your people are where everything starts. You need a plan that covers the how and who to recruit but also provides a clear structure for the where, when and why of your work. Success starts with recruitment.

It continues through proper onboarding, work processes, organizational structures, professional training and development and succession planning.



An organizational and staffing review can identify issues and areas of improvement. We’ll make recommendations on organizational structure and design, work processes and staffing to help improve the way your office operates. 


Processes start with people. If you’re looking for a fund administrator, executive director, benefits manager or IT director, Segal can find the right fit for your needs. We’ll identify people with the right skill sets, matching them with your office culture. 


With the right structures and people in place, you’ll need the right training, compensation and benefits packages to keep them. We can help. 

Different Solutions for Different Contexts

Every benefits office is different. After talking with you, we’ll suggest the right solutions for your needs.

That can include:

  • Compensation, training, succession planning and performance management
  • Organizational assessments
  • Strategic planning and change management initiatives
  • Recruitment, job description development, and onboarding

Tell us where ou’d like to begin. Start the conversation.

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