Reports and Surveys | November 29, 2023

Today's Employee Benefit Programs Are Getting More Personal

To better suit the complex and evolving expectations of a diverse workforce, employers are looking for ways to increase the appeal of employee benefits to each individual in the organization.

The U.S. labor market faces unprecedented changes because of an influx of younger and more diverse workers and the exodus of retiring baby boomers. These changes have ushered in new and different workplace expectations. Today’s workers are looking for increased support in both their professional and personal lives. As one of the most potentially “personal” elements of the employee value proposition, employee benefits provide a unique opportunity to increase workers’ perceptions of value.

Assess Your Program

Asian Family And A Financial Advisor Take the Assessment

With over 63 percent of workers willing to leave their current employer for better employee benefits elsewhere, even at equal or lesser pay, according to workhuman, making benefits personal is becoming an urgent organizational priority.

To help you assess your organization’s readiness to adjust its employee benefit program to better serve your people, Segal has developed a short self-assessment that you can complete in a couple of minutes. You’ll receive immediate recommendations on preliminary areas you can explore to make your benefits more individually appealing to your people.

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