Reports and Surveys | August 16, 2023

Medical Stop-Loss Premiums Increase by More Than 8%

The average stop-loss coverage premium increase is 8.4 percent for the nearly 250 health plans in Segal’s national medical stop-loss database’s 2023 dataset.

The average includes groups that increased specific stop-loss deductible levels and/or aggregating specific stop-loss deductibles resulting in an overall reduced rate action. The average premium increase for groups that maintained similar specific stop-loss benefit levels as the prior year is 13.4 percent.

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You’ll learn:

  • The percentage of plans that purchased broad coverage for medical and prescription drug claims
  • The range of specific deductibles and which deductible is most common
  • The relationship between deductibles and premiums
  • Factors that affect a plan’s premium and premium increases
  • The percentage of plans that stayed with the incumbent insurer when they bid or renewed their stop-loss coverage

Why get stop-loss coverage?

High-cost claimants with $100,000+ paid annual claims over the last two years accounted for less than 1 percent of all claimants but 28 percent of total medical plan claim expenses, according to SHAPE, our medical claims data warehouse.

As the number and value of high-amount healthcare claims continues to grow, stop-loss coverage provides important asset protection and cost predictability, particularly for self-funded plans, smaller groups and those with modest cash reserves.

The fact that a growing number of drug therapies can exceed $1 million annually in prescription drug paid claims for a single individual underscores the value of stop-loss policies that cover prescription drug claims.

If you have stop-loss coverage, are you sure it’s adequate?

The rapid rate of change in newly approved medical technology and procedures requires a close inspection of the coverage language offered by each stop-loss insurer.

Segal subject matter experts carefully review stop-loss contract provisions to make sure policy language aligns with a plan’s coverage needs, so sponsors can secure coverage that meets their expectations.

Have questions about medical stop-loss coverage?

To discuss the adequacy and competitiveness of your plan’s stop-loss coverage compared to plans in Segal’s 2023 dataset, get in touch.

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