Archived Insight | December 23, 2020

Meeting the Leadership Challenges of 2020

David Blumenstein writes about the lessons he's learned so far as Segal's CEO, and what leaders should keep in mind as they face the challenges and opportunities of 2021.

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Mature Counselor Listens Compassionately To Unrecognizable Female Client

Segal President and CEO David Blumenstein recently wrote an article for BenefitsPRO on meeting the leadership challenges of 2020. In the article, he shares these key insights to guide leaders in rising to meet the unique challenges of 2020.

1. Pace yourself and your employees.

2. Embrace the social awakening as an opening for your organization.

3. Expect the unexpected.

"We don’t really know the timing or the shape of our emergence from COVID-19, but I do know it will require agile, adaptable leaders who communicate often and with honesty and humility," said Blumenstein. 

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