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Succession Management Guarantees Your Organization's Legacy

We'll help make sure your organization lasts for generations with our succession management consulting. 

Finding and managing new leadership for your organization is the key to its continued success, but it's easier said than done. Whether you're a small nonprofit or a major conglomerate, succession management involves asking hard questions about what you need to thrive in the future, who can deliver on that plan and how to prepare them for the task ahead. We'll help ease the burden by working with you every step of the way, lending our expertise to your vision so that together we can help secure your organization's future. 

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How we can help you with succession management

Our succession management approach will help you align talent with organizational goals and promotes versatility in a volatile economic environment. We use three key steps to help clients develop customized and effective plans for identifying the right candidate for the job.

Assess organizational fit

We'll help identify the role's key responsibilities, as well as the skills, knowledge and other attributes deemed critical for a candidate to succeed in that role.

Determine readiness of the candidate

From holding behavioral interviews with candidates to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses for the role to poring over their past performance, we'll help make sure you only consider the best of the best.

Recommend development of promising talent

Just because a candidate isn't currently right for the role doesn't mean they can't grow into the responsibility. We'll provide leadership development and help conduct talent reviews to help you grow today's star talent into tomorrow's leaders.

One example of how we've helped with succession management consulting

Here's just one example of how we've helped organizations manage their succession plans in the past.

The issue

A major university hospital system lacked a clear succession plan for its leaders. Additionally, the expected leadership capabilities were poorly defined and not understood. Skill sets varied among the leaders and developmental messages had not been assessed or communicated to potential future leaders. Faced with an unclear future and uncertainty about who would succeed current leaders, the organization needed to develop a clear and targeted succession plan.

Our solution

The result

As a result of our work with the hospital system leadership team, a succession plan was drawn up and put into place. Those who were suited to the leadership roles were given clear developmental guidance. Eventually, most took on the leadership roles as they became vacant. Several positions with no internal successor were filled from outside the organization.

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