Reports and Surveys | March 28, 2024

Results of Segal’s 2024 State Employee Health Benefits Study

State leaders’ focus on health benefit coverage has increased as the cost of that coverage continues to outpace overall inflation, placing budgetary pressure on health plan funding and underscoring the need for targeted cost-management strategies.

To achieve cost-effective coverage and maintain competitive offerings, it can be helpful to look at how peer jurisdictions structure their employee health benefits. Comparing programs can provide context and yield valuable insights that help inform plan design decisions.

Segal’s 2024 State Employee Health Benefits Study presents an overview of plan design and cost-sharing arrangements in all 50 states.

Detailed findings are available in an interactive online tool. A report covers the high-level findings. To access both, complete the short form.

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What this study covers — and why you should care

The study covers medical and prescription drug plan design and benefit cost-sharing arrangements offered to full-time active employees in all 50 states for 2023–2024.

This information, combined with the insights we’ve developed from decades of working with state health plans, makes this study an invaluable resource for decision-makers. Knowing the details about other state employee health benefit plans can help you benchmark your plan design.

Our interactive online tool allows you to compare your state benefits to your peers

The tool allows you to compare, at no charge, your state’s least expensive plan or most expensive plan to other state plans in your region or nationally for the following plan features:

  • Medical deductible
  • Out-of-pocket limit
  • ER visit copay
  • Retail brand formulary copay

To access the tool, complete the form at the top right of this page.

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A report is also available

The report presents high-level, aggregate findings for the least expensive and most expensive plan options. It covers:

  • Medical plan types offered (PPOs; HDHPs and HMOs)
  • Average contribution ratios by plan type and region
  • Deductibles and annual out-of-pocket maximums between PPOs and HDHPs at similar levels
  • Medical cost-sharing designs
  • Prescription drug cost-sharing designs
  • Wellness incentives

Completing the form at the top right of this page will enable you to download the report as well as get basic access to the online tool.

2024 State Employee Health Benefits Study

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