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Managing Retirement Plan Risk

Risk is a fundamental feature of any defined benefit pension or defined contribution program, and managing risk is a significant challenge facing sponsors of multiemployer retirement plans. Trustees need the ability to identify and measure risk in order to properly manage it. This requires:

  •   an understanding of what the risks are, their impact, and their likelihood, and
  •   access to timely information to allow trustees to take action, when appropriate.

With these insights about the risks and their magnitude, plan sponsors can make informed long- and short-term plan management decisions.

Over the coming months, this website page will highlight the risk continuum – from identifying risks through quantifying them to managing their impact on multiemployer pension plans.

This educational page will feature publications, videos and demonstrations related to a step in the pension risk continuum as they become available. (See below.) 

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Examining the Investment Returns Side of Managing a Pension Plan

Over the last 20 years, selecting a mix of investments that provides a desired return has become more difficult and has required plan sponsors to accept more risk.

This short, animated presentation looks at how a typical investment portfolio might have changed to provide a pension plan in 2005 and 2015 with the same investment return it received in 1995

Investment Returns versus Risk Video

The Pension Risk Continuum

Links to resources are added to each step in the continuum as they are released.



  • Plan Design Options

  • Running a Well Managed Plan

  • The Role of Plan Design




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