Webinars and Events | October 13, 2022

Are You Ready for the New W-4P and W-4R Forms?

To match individuals’ withholding instructions to changes in tax law, the IRS has issued redesigned tax-withholding forms for both monthly pensions and annuities (Form W-4P) and one-time payments and rollovers (Form W-4R).

While optional for tax year 2022, plan sponsors for all public and private retirement plans are required to start using both forms beginning January 1, 2023.

Watch the informative discussion with Segal experts on what you need to know. 

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In this webinar...

Our experts discussed the considerations for plan sponsors resulting from the redesigned forms, including:

  • Changes in the new W-4 forms
  • How to use and complete the new W-4 forms
  • Steps you should take and what to avoid when implementing the new forms
  • The impact the new forms will have on you and your plan participants

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William Morrow, Senior Consultant, Administration and Technology Consulting
Amy Timmons, SVP, Senior Consultant, Administration and Technology Consulting
Melanie Walker, SVP, National Compliance Practice

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