Is Your Benefit Plan Compliant?

Segal offers a range of compliance services and publications to help you stay on the right side of changing laws and regulations. 

Our Washington-based staff of health and pension law experts maintain close relationships with government agencies and this allows them to follow legislative developments and be able to alert clients and respond to questions quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Segal's compliance experts wrote and serve as ongoing editors to the Employer's Guide to HIPAA Privacy Requirements and serve on the advisory boards of multiple employee benefit publications. Contact us whenever a question arises about an issue that could affect your plan. 


From plan documents and summary plan descriptions to enrollment information and correspondence, we'll ensure that your documentation is compliant with the law. 


If you've had documents in place for some time, we'll review them for compliance with provisions and regulations from the IRS, DOL and more. 


We'll also help you navigate new rules, from medicare to the ACA, and prepare you for governments audits, conduct training and provide ongoing support. 

Compliance Services

Our services in compliance consulting include but are not limited to:

  • Drafting plan documents, summary plan descriptions, plan enrollment information, administrative forms and participant correspondence and notices
  • Reviewing documents for compliance with Internal Revenue Code and Department of Labor provisions and regulations, internal and external consistency and the provision of clear rules and guidelines for plan operations
  • HIPAA privacy and security assessment, policies and procedures, compliance and training programs
  • Designing wellness programs to promote healthy lifestyles while complying with strict federal guidelines
  • Drafting policies and procedures, and conducting training, on a wide range of federally mandated plan provisions, including COBRA, QDROs, USERRA, PPA and other laws
  • Developing Health Reimbursement Arrangements that can add flexibility to the design of a health plan, or provide a retiree health benefit
  • Helping plan sponsors navigate new and confusing rules regarding Medicare, coordination of benefits and the Medicare Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS)
  • Helping plan sponsors prepare for government audits of health and retirement plans
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