Segal Consulting was founded as the Martin E. Segal Company in October 1939, early in the development of employee benefit plans in American industry. From the beginning, Segal has been involved in developing health and retirement programs that meet the needs of employees and employers.

The firm's first services focused on consulting for group health insurance and, soon after World War II, Segal began offering retirement plan consulting, including actuarial services. By the early 1950s, our leadership in retirement consulting services for collectively bargained plans brought us national recognition when our firm was asked to help set up the first multiemployer pension plan under the Taft-Hartley Act. Within a few years, Segal assisted in the establishment of numerous national industry-wide pension plans. These activities aided employees of industries such as entertainment, apparel, transportation and construction in which employees do not typically have prolonged employment with a single employer.

For almost 70 years, Segal has been involved in developing health and retirement programs to meet the critical needs of employees and employers. Many widely accepted benefit practices were and are today innovations first conceived, designed, and introduced by Segal.

Today, Segal Consulting provides employee benefits and human resource consulting that serves public sector and multiemployer clients on the full range of health and welfare, retirement and human resource-related issues.

The business has operated as Segal since 1991 and the company name was recently rebranded as Segal Consulting, a member of The Segal Group (www.segalgroup.net). Segal Consulting is a member of The Segal Group and remains an independent, employee-owned firm that provides unbiased consulting.

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