About Us

Who We Are

For 75 years, Segal Consulting has been providing benefits and human resources consulting for multiemployer funds and public sector organizations. As a privately-held employee-owned actuarial and consulting firm, Segal is an independent organization. Our independence allows us to provide completely unbiased consulting services for our clients.

Headquartered in New York City, Segal has offices throughout the United States and in Canada.

A Commitment to Quality

At Segal, we maintain our client relationships by providing timely and quality services at the highest level. To ensure that we meet our high standards for quality consulting, we incorporate:

  • A team approach to consulting
  • Extensive peer review and quality control procedures
  • Rigorous, frequent staff training and continuing education programs
  • Investment in company-wide education on quality control

Consulting Focused on Your Goals

We are dedicated to providing clients with consulting services that add value. We enter each client assignment with no preconceptions. Instead, we provide a multi-disciplinary range of customized expertise to address the client's goals, objectives and financial concerns. As a part of this approach:

  • We form partnerships with our clients to determine the scope of our work, and our recommendations are consistent with each client's operation and goals.
  • We manage projects effectively and on time.
  • We work to understand not only our clients' needs, but also their own capabilities, since many clients have internal expertise and talent that we do not want to duplicate.
  • We seek opportunities to make our clients more self-sufficient.
  • We maintain an open and constant dialogue with our clients.

Expertise and Leadership

Our consultants have broad experience and extensive knowledge of the employee benefits field and are frequent speakers at conferences and meetings.

Visit our Leadership page to learn more about our experts.

Our Clients

Segal is unique because we offer dedicated resources to serve public sector entities (local, state and federal) and multiemployer plans. More than 8 million employees and their dependents in the U.S., Canada and abroad are covered by benefit programs sponsored by Segal’s thousands of clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Our clients range in size from several hundred employees to more than 400,000 employees. We provide actuarial and consulting services to more multiemployer benefits plans than any other firm.

We also provide services to corporate and non-profit organizations through Sibson Consulting, a member of The Segal Group.

A Tradition of Innovation

Founded in 1939, early in the development of employee benefit plans in American industry, Segal was the first to conceive, design and introduce many innovations that are now widely accepted benefit practices. For information about Segal's role in the development of group health benefits and pension plans, please refer to "Health Care Benefits: A Look at the Past With an Eye to the Future" and "Pension Issues: A Fifty-Year History and Outlook," two publications from the celebration of our 50th anniversary.