Helping You Train and Educate Members and Improve Your Training School Operations

Training Funds are vital to the construction industry and the labor movement in general. The work you do provides a competitive advantage to contractors and unions.

But it’s never been more complicated to do what you do. New laws and requirements are issued regularly. New technologies and methods need to be added to your curriculum.

Segal can help you strengthen the way you serve union members, union leaders and employers, and the way you operate your training school. Segal has you covered.


Improve your digital, print and in-person communications. Be strategic, economic and efficient.


Bring down your insurance costs and still remain fully compliant.


Develop your administration systems, improve your processes, and hire the right people.

Can you do more with your current resources?

Many training funds share common challenges—from technology to processes.

You’re trying to do more with less. You face an increasingly complex regulatory environment. You’re on the front lines, helping your local unions recruit apprentices and providing highly skilled workers to signatory contractors.

How can you do it all? We’ve worked with training funds across the country to better align resources in order to improve results.

Is Your Training Fund Running Effectively?

If you’re asking the following questions, we can help. Get in touch for a free consultation.

  • Do you have automated processes to register and track members and training? What about clear processes for tracking and applying for grants?
  • Do you have effective communication channels to reach members?
  • Does the full value of your training programs come through to your unions, employers and apprentices? Do you have and are you fully utilizing technology including a Learning Management Systems (LMS) to automate course registration, scheduling, equipment and training resource allocation.
  • Do you have an annual budgeting and business planning process?
  • Can you easily track investments, such as tool and equipment utilization?
  • Are all training staff members full trained on security and data management?Do you have the insurance coverage your need to add to your security and peace of mind?
  • Are all of your policies and procedures documented?
  • Do you have clear roles and responsibilities for all Training Fund employees

At the heart of our work is our people-focused approach. We build lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and we dedicate ourselves to being a reliable partner, working hard to make your lives easier.

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