Some comments I’ve heard during a recent focus group include:

“Coinsurance is when my wife and I both have insurance.”

“Yeah, that’s right. A generic drug only costs us $5 and a brand-name drug only $25. So, what’s the big deal?”

“I signed up for the Consumer-Driven Health Plan because I’d have no monthly contribution. I had no idea it would cost me this much!”

You may have heard similar statements from your employees. When we deal with the intricacies of benefits every day, things like coinsurance, copayments and high deductibles seem fundamental. But not all of your employees or their dependents understand how the plans work, what their options are or the fact that “self-insured“ means everyone shares financial responsibility.

It makes sense to offer some fundamental education about benefits to all employees. And, it doesn’t have to be during open enrollment. Benefits 101 is a class many people need, but not many organizations are offering in their “curriculum.” Could your employees benefit from Benefits 101?

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Tupper Hillard