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We partner with public sector entities to create effective communications that promote the value of benefit programs.  

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Creative Solutions

Every organization faces benefits and HR challenges. If any of the following sound familiar, let us put our unique experience and expertise to work for you.

  • You're about to announce higher medical coverage cost-sharing and/or a reduction in benefits.
  • You want to move employees away from an entitlement mentality toward one of self-service and empowerment.
  • You're introducing or completely overhauling your compensation or performance management system.
  • You want to help employees make informed annual enrollment elections.
  • You need to prepare employees for major change.
  • You want (need) your employees to be better health care consumers.
  • You want your employees to embrace your wellness initiatives.
  • Your SPDs are out-of-date and/or out of compliance.
  • You want to enhance employee perception, understanding and appreciation of your benefits plans.
  • Your credibility is being eroded.
  • You're not attracting or retaining top talent.
  • You need a campaign around your employer-of-choice initiatives.
  • Your EAP is your best-kept secret.
  • Your employees don't know the difference between a brand-name and a generic prescription drug.
  • You've got low FSA participation.
  • Your LTD benefits are going from company-paid to employee-paid.
  • You communicate but no one's listening.
  • You're rolling out a brand-new plan or program.
  • You want to boost 401(k) participation and/or contribution levels.
  • You want to educate your employees about how important it is to systematically save and invest for retirement, and how your plan can help them achieve their goals.
  • You're switching from a traditional defined benefit pension plan to a cash balance plan (or vice versa).
  • You need less job-related stress in your life!

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