April 27, 2014

Segal Says Multiemployer Pension Plans Show Consistently Positive Investment Returns

A Segal Rogerscasey financial analysis that examined both the past three decades of investment returns and reasonable long-term forward-looking expectations found that multiemployer defined benefit plan performance should continue to achieve the results realized over the past 30 years. In a new article published in Benefits Magazine, “Can Asset Returns Carry Their Weight in Your DB Plan?” authors Joseph A. LoCicero, Segal Group President & CEO, and Segal Rogerscasey’s Chief Investment Officer Timothy R. Barron discuss the big picture and long-term perspective about plan investments. The authors note that “It is clear that, on average, the investment side of the equation for DB pension math has delivered on its promise for the past 30 years. Even more important, applying reasonable expectations for a diversified global portfolio, it appears that this is also achievable going forward despite current economic realities.”

To read more about the future of asset returns for multiemployer plans, please click here. Tim Barron also spoke on this issue in October, 2013. A video of this commentary can be found on this link.

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