January 29, 2019

2018 State Employee Health Benefits Study

Study Finds That All States Offer Health Management Programs

Segal Consulting’s 2018 State Employee Health Benefits Study presents an overview of states’ wellness and health management programs.

It covers all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Here are this year’s key findings:

  • All states provide wellness programs and services, with a majority having branded their programs.
  • Many states are using strategies in those programs that align incentives with desired behaviors.
  • Efficient utilization and cost management programs are being promoted through various measures, such as on-site clinics, narrow networks, transparency tools and telemedicine.

For all the details, download the study.

Branding a Program Helps Emphasize its Importance

The study found that 61% of states have branded wellness programs.

Branding a wellness program signifies that the program is a key component of the overall benefits program. Moreover, it indicates to members that it is “your” program, as opposed to being identified with the vendor.

This also provides a focus to all communications and messaging and signifies the plan’s commitment to health promotion and engagement.

Some of these programs might be “employer” programs and others “plan” programs. The employer programs could have broader application than just employees enrolled in a health plan.

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Richard Ward, FSA, FCA, MAAA
Senior Vice President
Public Sector Health Practice Leader

Sadhna Paralkar, MD, MPH, MBA
Senior Vice President
National Medical Director

Andrew D. Sherman
Senior Vice President
National Director, Public Sector Market

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Richard Ward

Richard Ward

SVP, Public Sector Health Practice Leader

Sadhna Paralkar

Sadhna Paralkar

SVP and National Medical Director

Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman

SVP, National Director, Public Sector Market