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Whether You Focus on Health or Retirement Benefits…

We can help.

  • Escalating costs continue to be a concern for sponsors of employee health and welfare programs.
  • Pension plans face challenges from multiple sources as changes to the funding, investment, demographic and regulatory environments add to current and future risks. 

Segal assists plan sponsors build and manage benefits programs that provide secure and healthy futures for their people.

Our commitment to the public sector includes our long-term association with the Government Finance Officers’ Association. We hope you are enjoying the GFOA’s 111th Annual Conference and that you have found our State Medicaid Savings Study useful.

Below, we invite you to learn more about how Segal is helping the public sector manage health and retirement costs and risks.

SHAPE – Segal’s Data Mining Solution for a Healthier Health Plan

Segal’s health-cost data-mining technology – SHAPE – enables you to create sustainable solutions to uncover and manage the root causes of rising health care costs.

Knowing which medical conditions and treatments are driving cost and utilization trend and how your population’s health risk/health status changes over time are two of the many critical elements plan sponsors need to manage to help keep their health costs in line. 

To obtain a preliminary gauge of how your health program's results impact plan costs, complete this short self-test. You will get immediate feedback on the feedback you provide.

Complete a brief self-assessment of your health plan

Identifying, Measuring and Managing Pension Plan Risk

Sponsors of public sector pension plans face new challenges every year – not the least is the question of risk to the plan. Segal has worked with plan sponsors to manage risks in effective ways.

Learn about ways that Segal can help you manage pension risk

To learn more about how Segal can help address your key health or pension issues, please contact:


Andrew Sherman

SVP, National Director, Public Sector Market

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