News and Press | September 28, 2019

Sue Crotty Discusses Women Leaders in Finance

"I’m usually the only woman in the room. When I attended a business meeting at a male-only club in New York City, they brought me in through the kitchen. Recently, a charity fundraiser raffled off golf at Butler, where a woman cannot step foot on the course.

"I’ve been patted on my… head, (and on other places). As recently as two months ago, I was the only woman in the boardroom with 10 men. The head of a firm said, 'You can all understand what I’m talking about, even the Little Missy here.' I just started laughing out loud. I was thinking, 'You’ve got to be kidding me, at my age?' The rest of the men had a shocked look on their faces, as in: 'Did he just say that?' " 

Sue Crotty, Senior Vice President at Segal Marco Advisors and a member of Segal's Board of Directors, spoke to Authority Magazine about her career, working in the investment industry and what individuals, companies and society can do to continue to redress the gender gap. 

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