Reports and Surveys | April 12, 2022

Well-Funded Multiemployer Pension Plans Improved Benefits

Financially troubled multiemployer pension plans continue to be the focus of attention, particularly now that they may be eligible to apply for PBGC special financial assistance (SFA). Despite that understandable spotlight, it’s important to keep in mind that most plans are not in critical and declining status (i.e., facing insolvency).

In fact, many strong multiemployer pension plans have improved benefits over the past three years.

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Segal’s Winter 2022 Survey of Plans’ Zone Status

The 283 plans included in this survey are those with plan years that range from January 1 to July 1.

As a group, these plans have more than $215 billion in assets, provide benefits to just over 3.5 million participants and represent approximately one-third of all participants in multiemployer plans.

The 2021 zone-status certifications for the plans in the survey reflect investment performance before the current market volatility and geopolitical uncertainty.


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