Client Stories | December 5, 2019

Strategy Execution Helps You Stick the Landing

When planning for a new initiative or program within your organization, it can get easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees and forget how to implement your new plan. We're here to help with that.

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Yoda may have summed up strategy execution as "Do or do not. There is no try," but in the real world things aren't quite that simple. Executing on a new strategywhether you're rolling out a new benefits program or restructuring your managementrequires more than just sending out a company-wide email and printing off new business cards. Our team possesses extensive experience in helping organizations large and small nail strategy execution, helping them make sure they don't fumble the ball at the goal line.

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How we'll help you with strategy execution

Effective and sustainable strategy execution is contingent upon work focusing on the critical areas:

  • Alignment: Strategy clarification, roles and expectations, and governance and decision rights
  • Capability: Value proposition, development and talent management
  • Accountability: Goals and metrics, performance management, and rewards and recognition

We assist clients in executing their business strategy by:

  • Providing strategy clarification and deployment frameworks
  • Designing and facilitating senior leadership team discussions to craft the strategy
  • Identifying new vehicles and leveraging existing vehicles to communicate and engage employees (e.g., regional marketing and ops meetings, co-op groups, annual leadership conferences)
  • Helping design and structure various strategy deployment sessions to achieve maximum impact in terms of creating broad-based understanding and commitment
  • Assisting in meeting design, material development, speaker preparation and facilitation of key strategy deployment meetings as needed or requested

One of our success stories with strategy execution

Here's one example of how our strategy execution consulting helped an organization nail a new initiative. 

The issue

Senior leaders of a newly established health system sought our assistance in bringing together units with diverse cultures.

Specifically, what level of integration would be required for employees versus systems, policies, marketing, etc?

In addition to merger integration issues, the health system also was struggling with how it could continue to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes while attracting and retaining top talent in a demanding work environment.

Our solution

The key solutions used to address the health system’s issues included:

  • Development of guiding principles that outlined the work culture desired state
  • Development of a value proposition to determine and drive key characteristics of work culture. This included:
    • Developing a Work Culture Survey to measure the “gap” of where the organization was vis-à-vis the desired state. The survey enabled the organization to set a baseline of information, provide input for long range strategic HR planning and understand the people issues.
    • Organizing communication and action processes to build change
    • Constructing action teams to develop long-term solutions to “gaps” identified by the work culture survey
    • Clarifying factors driving nurses intent to leave the organization
    • Re-engineering HR critical core processes

The result

  • Communication plans were implemented to share summary results for the overall organization and organizational units with all employees 
  • Organizational leaders are beginning to link plans and actions to survey results
  • Organizational leaders have involved employees at all levels of the organization to develop long-term solutions
  • The health system has improved its ability to attract key talent and retain key staff
  • The organization intends to conduct the analysis every two years

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