News and Press | January 9, 2020

Segal Shares Insights on Family Business Recruiting

Sal DiFonzo and Myrna Hellerman talk to Chief Executive magazine about how family-run businesses can better recruit talent to their organizations.

Read what they have to say in the interview on Chief Executive.



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Non-family members in a family business? Segal talks about how to attract the right kind of talent.

Sal DiFonzo and Myrna Hellerman talk to Chief Executive magazine about the challenges family-run businesses face when it comes to recruiting talent, and offer possible solutions to this unique problem. 

Some of the insights shared in the interview include:

  • How to leverage cash incentives for potential hires

  • The role of equity grants in attracting non-family executives

  • Phantom stock units and the part they play in a talent recruitment strategy

Find out more on how family-run businesses can discover and incorporate start talent into their organizations.




Read the Interview

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