News and Press | October 23, 2020

How to Accurately Measure the Productivity of Remote Workers

Jason Adwin, senior vice president of compensation and career strategies, recently spoke to Tribune Content Agency about remote work and productivity in the time of COVID-19. 

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Keys to measuring productivity of remote workers

Jason believes COVID-19 gives managers the opportunity to change the way employees are assessed for the better. He provides the following tips for managers to update productivity measurements to adjust appropriately to these unprecedented times:

  • Increase interaction and feedback: Jason recommends scheduling weekly or monthly check-ins with employees to discuss issues that tend to arise during end-of-year performance reviews. "When feedback is regular and consistent then it increases engagement and strengthens trust,” he says. 
  • Shift the scope to outcome-focused: Creating metrics to compare monthly or quarterly results can create a conversation focusing on performance development rather than performance management. Jason suggests, "Add adaptability, teamwork collaboration, innovation and continuous learning assessments to the review as these skills are increasingly important in COVID times.”
  • Adjust incentive plan metrics to match the uncertainty of business outcomes due to COVID-19: Segal, for example, created a framework to help employers strategically consider several questions: Should we readjust target incentives after a base salary reduction? Readjust 2020 incentive targets/goals? Change performance metrics? Change payout curves? Delay the payout of any incentive? Change the length of our performance cycle?
  • Personalize the experience: Jason shared, "It’s the manager’s responsibility to create energy and drive culture via one-on-one coaching." He urges managers to align career development with clearly described shared goals and map back to career progression. 

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