Meet Segal Pulse, Our Plan Forecasting Tool

Segal Pulse gives decision-makers the ability to perform "what if" projections and see the real-time impact of changing financial and demographic variables.

Trustees struggle with predicting the direction their plans are heading and what factors could change that direction. While many funds prefer that our experts assist them with real-time modeling, others wish to control and model their options on their own.

For trustees who want to explore alternative scenarios hands-on, Segal Pulse® is an enhanced, client-driven version of our popular Forecast modeling tool that dynamically generates financial and actuarial deterministic projections.

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Perform "what ifs". Check real-time impact.

Using Segal Pulse provides decision-makers with information that can help them make informed decisions based on their plan's current and projected economic status, as well as changes in their demographic trends.

Segal Pulse’s functionalities are comprehensive and allow decision-makers to model:

  • Fluctuation in future investment returns
  • Variation of future contribution rates
  • Change in active population growth
  • Modification to plan design

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