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Onboarding Best Practices in Healthcare

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For too long, the subject of onboarding has been a “hot potato” in many hospitals.

Assumptions like “Qualified candidates will know what they have to do to fit in” and “The new hire’s manager will take care of that” have led to statistics that show increasing numbers of new hires leave within the first year.

This equates to retention issues that can be addressed by a well-designed, implemented and measured onboarding process.

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About this webinar

What are the onboarding best practices in the healthcare industry?

This webinar playback, presented for AHHRANY and ASHHRA Region 2 members on June 12, 2019, examines the issues common in those first 90 days, explores a model that addresses the pitfalls in poor onboarding processes, suggests ways to keep the program on track, and looks at what is coming next as hospitals recruit more Gen Y and Gen Z employees and must deal with their new age expectations.

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