Articles | February 1, 2020

Why Mental Health Parity Protects Your Participants

Your mental well-being is not all in your head. Conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse correlate with serious medical conditions. Learn why protecting participants' mental health reaps benefits beyond the obvious.

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This is everyone's problem

Mental health conditions afflict more than 40 million American adults, and three in four employees have suffered from an issue affecting their mental health. 

Despite the prevalence of mental health conditions among American adults, most of them don't receive any sort of treatment. Nearly 60 percent of those with a mental health condition didn't receive any services to help them during the previous year. 

That lack of treatment harms not only those directly suffering, but also health plan sponsors. Unmanaged mental health conditions lead to:

  • Higher health care costs, increased utilization, and poor medication adherence
  • Loss of productivity and earnings
  • Higher costs associated with the premature death and disability of participants

An organization that fails to sponsor a health plan adequately covering its participants' mental health also faces a potential loss of future talent. Mental health and substance abuse disorder services are on the rise among today's 18-25 year olds, who see it as an important benefit.

How we can help

Need help building a competitive and comprehensive mental health services strategy? We'll work with you to make sure your plan:

  • Includes educational and training resources to help your organization's leaders manage people with mental health or substance abuse conditions
  • Maximizes efficiency while containing costs with your benefits programs
  • Follows best practices for communicating benefits to promote utilization

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