Articles | December 31, 2018

Insights and Strategies from 2018: Private Sector

From strategic DC analytics and private health exchanges to assessing retirement plan risk, Ideas was a publication, released by Segal's former corporate practice known at the time as Sibson Consulting, which dives into topics that can help you maximize returns on various aspects of your plan.

Below, you'll find a summary and download of every issue we published in 2018.
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Using Your DC plan to reward high-performing employees

In this issue we look at how cutting edge organizations employ data analytics, plan differentiation and targeted communication to take full advantage of their DC plans.

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Is a private health care exchange right for your organization?

Switching to a private health care exchange may make sense for your organization but there are a wide range of factors to take into account. This issue looks at the key considerations you should make to help you decide.
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Help your employees get the best bang for their DC plan bucks

This issue looks at asset allocation as a part of retirement readiness, covering topics like communicating the importance of asset allocation, what can go wrong an why most organizations aren't doing more to help. 

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Are your employees saving enough for retirement?

A rigorous review of savings patterns can reveal hidden problems.

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Changing DC plan recordkeepers can be complex

The process of procuring services for 401(k), 403(b), 457 or other defined contribution (DC) plans is a significant undertaking that may result in a plan sponsor selecting a new recordkeeper as a means to improving service, cost-effectiveness or both. Although DC plan services have become more standardized over the years, the process of moving from one recordkeeper to another is complex.
We cover the topic in detail in this issue.
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