Client Stories | April 20, 2022

How an Improved Insurance Program Transformed Service

Segal brokered and presented an attractive program with an insurance carrier for a large health and wellness trust fund, greatly improving service for plan participants who’d grown dissatisfied with the mishandling of their voluntary benefits claims.

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With stories of plan participants experiencing long delays on claims processing, slow response times on inquiries, and reports of improper claims handling, the fund determined it had no choice but to explore additional service options to improve customer satisfaction.

The complaints — and unfulfilled claims — had been mounting over time due to the changes in insufficient service of its existing carrier, which provided plan participants with voluntary benefits such as Basic Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD) and Short-term Disability coverage.

But providing a viable solution would not be easy.

The fund needed to find a broker with an understanding of market knowledge, industry relationships, and buying power to secure a mix of coverage, services and competitive premiums that would deliver more reliable claims service and an improved customer experience overall.

Our consulting strategy

Segal was referred by a TPA, which cited Segal’s service deliverables, vast carrier and broker network, extensive multiemployer experience, and grasp of the complexities of fund operations.

Segal’s extensive network of insurance carriers and brokers ensured the right stakeholders were brought to the table and provided an opportunity to effectively market the voluntary benefit coverage needs across variety of insurance programs, explore ways to enhance the claims process for the client and its participants, and ultimately identify an optimal solution.


Segal identified a carrier that met all of the fund’s requirements and put in place a dedicated claims team and streamlined handling process that resolved past customer service issues — easing the burden on plan participants and improving our client’s experience going forward.

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