News and Press | December 9, 2020

Watch: Howard Fluhr's Contribution to Benefits Consulting

The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has honored Howard Fluhr with their prestigious Lillywhite Award.

Named after Ray Lillywhite, a pension benefits pioneer, the award represents EBRI’s mission by honoring “employee benefits professionals for extraordinary lifetime contributions to Americans’ economic security.”

In this video, watch clients and colleagues of Howard's discuss his enormous contribution to benefits consulting. 

About Howard Fluhr

For more than 50 years Howard has been a living embodiment of Segal’s mission, vision and values, devoting his entire career to promoting the importance of employee benefits for workers and for the broader economy.

Howard’s contribution to EBRI spans decades. He was a member of their Board of Trustees for 25 years and its Chair from 2001 to 2002.

In that regard, Howard has been a key link in Segal’s proud history with EBRI. We were one of the institute’s founding firms in 1978 and are the only one still fully intact with the same ownership form.

We are also the only firm that has had two EBRI Board Chairs who received the Lillywhite award: former Segal CEO Bob Paul and, now, Howard.

Howard On Video Series

The Value of Knowledge in HR and Benefits

In 2020, EBRI shared Howard Fluhr's insights about the benefits industry in a "Howard On" video series. In this his first video, Howard examines the value of knowledge in HR and benefits.


Financial Wellbeing and Retirement Security

In this second Howard On video, Howard discusses the evolution of retirement benefits in the U.S.



The Wellness of Our Health System

In this third video in the Howard On video series, he discusses the evolution of U.S. health and welfare benefits, whether the U.S. will ever adopt nationalized health care, and the role for plan sponsors when it comes to employee health.



Trends and Stressors in Employee Benefits

In this fourth video in the Howard On video series, he discusses the unique needs of employees and how HR has taken a larger role in companies.



Looking to the Future of Employee Benefits

In this final video in the Howard On video series, Howard explores how the view of employee benefits has changed in recent years and how things like the gig economy have influenced total compensation.

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